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Memorial Day Parade
Updated: May 25th, 2015 - Meet 10:15am @SP Library on Forest Rd

We have updated the arrival time, based on the start time this year, to reduce the amount of standing around time for our group.  SO PLEASE ARRIVE BY 10:15AM TO GATHER.

Also, no candy throwing this year please.  Last year there was an injury apparently.  This year please refrain from giving bags of candy to the kids so they are not tempted.  Thank you in advance.

This year, all teams for Tee Ball (Pre-K/K) through Majors Divisions will be marching in the Memorial Day Parade.   SPFBL is looking to make a record showing this year, and we need all the kids out with their teams on this very important American holiday. 

MEMORIAL DAY is Monday, May 25th, and the parade is in the morning (approx. 10:15am), and goes straight through downtown Scotch Plains and Fanwood.  MEETING PLACE: We will meet at the Scotch Plains Library on Forest Road, just off the corner of Grand Street.  Get there, find your team and we'll start to organize around 10:15am.    

PLEASE REMEMBER: Memorial Day is to honor all of those who have fought and given all, for our country, and for the cause of freedom and liberty.  While we all enjoy watching our children play baseball, the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy our children in a relatively peaceful and fun-loving environment must be remembered.  The least we can do is show up in force in their honor.

Participation in the parade is a great way to show how grateful we are as a community, and to teach the kids this important lesson about American freedom.  In addition, the kids love to be with their friends, dressed in their uniforms, representing their teams and our league, their parents and friends watching on the sidelines of the parade, led by their Managers and Coaches, and all together demonstrating the respect we have for those who have made it all possible.  Note that we also welcome parents of our youngest children who wish to accompany their children on the parade route, if they wish to or it makes their children (or them) more comfortable. 

Check out our website:  We hope to see everyone there!!

Coin-Toss Game 2015
The Coins Are Coming!! (updated msg 5/11/2015)
We apologize for the delay in starting up the Coin-Toss game.  Here is the latest update:
  • All Team Managers across all divisions will have all of the coins to be distributed no later than Monday, 5/11/2015.  Many of the Managers have them already, and many of those have already handed them out to the kids.  We only have a couple of divisions left.
  • Each Manager receives a list of kids who will get coins.  Everyone who paid for coins gets them.  One exception or "special case" to note: If you have multiple kids in the program, you paid for one set of coins - SO one of your kids will get the coins only.
  • We will then allow the week of 5/11 for the last of the coin distribution to the kids/families, and begin our prize drawings on Monday, 5/18/2015.  
  • The plan was to run the program for 8 weeks, and that is still the plan regardless of the late start.  Again we apologize for the late start.  However we will continue the program a bit more into the summer than originally anticipated.  But please note: YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN A PRIZE!!  To win you simply need to have registered your coins on the SPFBL Coin-Toss Website.


  1. Go to
  2. If you participated in this program last year, you likely have an existing login.  Log in, and registering this year's coins is easy by following the instricutions.  You will need your coin # (a 3 or 4 digit number) that is printed on your coin, and the "coin password" which is a string of characters just below the coin # in light blue and slightly smaller print.
  3. If this is your first year, you will have to register.  Make sure to fill in as much contact information as you can.  Remember, you need not be present to win, and we want to make sure we can reach you, even if you've already left town for the shore or elsewhere.  Once you fill that info in and register, you will be able to login and register your coins by following #2 above.


  • 10% OFF at Darby Road
  • 20% OFF at Grillestone (excludes alcohol)
  • Charlie Brown's: LUNCH: $4.00 OFF Purchase of 2 Entrees with Purchase of 2 Soft Drinks; DINNER: $5.00 OFF Food Purchase Totalling $30.00 or More. 

More offers to be posted as they come in.  

Thanks again for your support.  We are all looking forward to starting the Coin-Toss game!!

Scotch Plains Fanwood Baseball League Hosted Annual Fundraiser on Friday, May 8, 2015, at Italian American Club
Thank You to All Our Supporters!

SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- The Scotch Plains Fanwood Baseball League (SPFBL) hosted its annual fundraising dinner on Friday, May 8th, 2015 at the Italian American Club, 1976 Valley Ave. in Scotch Plains.

McCourty Brothers Football Camp opportunity
Offered through Alliance Association Partner SPF-PAL

SPFBL is happy to pass this offer along to our youth sports community on behalf of our community partner SPF-PAL.


Registration Fees
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the fee structure in 2015?  Click "Continue..." below...

Not Receiving SPFBL emails?
You may have opted out...

If you are not receiving emails from SPFBL, you or someone else on your account may have opted out.  The opt-out process is a mandatory consumer law covering commercial email distribution that requires that anyone who receives email distributions from your company or organization should have the right to opt out of such email distribution.  Every email has a one-click link at the bottom of it which if clicked will accomplish the opt out process.  And once opted out, you will definitely not receive any email blasts from the league. It is a totally self-serve process.  And we cannot opt anyone back in after they have opted out unless they request to be opted back in.  If you feel that you may be opted out, intentionally or unintentionally, and would like to be opted back in, simply email us at and make that request.  Our administrators will opt you back in asap.

Scotch Plains Fanwood Baseball League Announces Award Winners, Opens 2014 Season
Coverage in The Alternative Press of Scotch Plains-Fanwood

Scotch Plains Fanwood Baseball League Announces Award Winners, Opens 2014 Season

John Mooney

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Memorial Day Parade a Success!
Thanks to All Who Came Out in Support of the League and Our Heroes!!

Field Status Indicator
Check with your Manager to be sure...

We have finished testing a new Field Status Alert feature, located on the right-side of the screen. This feature is now fully operational, but you are advised to please note the following when field conditions are in question:

  1. The Scotch Plains Ballfield Hotline, while designed to be a "one-stop shopping", currently is not - it is just for Scotch Plains Rec fields - which include Brookside, Farley, Kramer, Memorial, Rt. 22 and VoTech).  We use that same hotline to determine field status.  So our Field Status tool should reflect what's indicated on the Ballfield Hotline FOR SP FIELDS ONLY.
  2. The field status Facebook site ( is also intended to be a one-stop shop for SP, FW and BOE.  HOWEVER that is completely dependent on Scotch Plains Rec, Fanwood Rec (LaGrande, Forest Road Park, Watson Road) and SPF Board of Ed (Park MS, Terrill MS, SPFHS) each posting their own field status.  So if they don't update their field status, then we will frankly be trying to get that status from them in real-time. 
  3. Booth Field we control.  And while it drains extemely well, it may or may not be playable.  We will indicate this is the Field Status tool.
  4. St. Barts is a little bit of an outlier, semi-maintained by SPFBL but in an unofficial way.  Best advice is that if you have an event scheduled there, check with your Manager and he/she will have the status.
  5. NOTE: We use the above field status indicators to populate our own field status feature.  As a result, we may or may not have a completely accurate field status at the time you check our website, until we can either get an indication from SP rec, FW rec and SPF BOE... OR we can check the fields out ourselves and make an assessment (for those organizations that permit us to do that).  SO...............
  6. CHECK & RE-CHECK OUR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT YOUR EVENT!!  If you are in doubt, contact your Manager to be sure of whether your event is ON or Off.  Managers- If you are in doubt, contact your Division VP's as they will be in the loop on the latest status in real-time and should be passing that along to you.

Hope this helps solve some of the field status confusion.  It's not going to rain again during the spring, so we should have this problem any more :-).

Kids love to Color!!
Bambino Activity Sheets

Get your kids started right for Baseball 2014 - Download and print these activity sheets!  


Special Needs Program
Volunteers Needed

This season, we are offering a baseball program focused on children with special needs.  Click below to see how you can help make a difference...

Bat Regulations - 2012 Rule Changes
Updated 3/16/2012

In 2012, SPFYBA will permit the use of bats that meet the standard of Babe Ruth League / Cal Ripken.  This is a change from recent years.  However bat availability and additional research on the subject has brought the Executive Board to the conclusion that in 2012 we will follow the Babe Ruth standard.  ALSO: (3/16/2012) Update on Nike and Marucci bats that FAILED standards and will be ineligible for use in Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken play!

Continue reading below to learn more...

Do you own a business (or know someone who does)?
We need your sponsorship help...

Click here to go to our Fundraising page.  Team sponsorships available!!!  And more...

SPFBL Merchandise
Design it yourself online!

The perfect gift.  Give the give of BASEBALL!!  Buy apparel & accessories for all members of the family as well as customize your own.  If prompted, locker # is ek005.

Click Here to Begin Shopping for SPFBL Apparel


SPFBL Ballfield Hotline
For Field Status due to Inclement Weather

Please check the ballfield hotline if weather is questionable. Call 908-322-6700 x226.  PLEASE NOTE:

  • Updated by the Township of Scotch Plains by 3pm weekdays, and as needed on weekends.
  • Refers ONLY to SCOTCH PLAINS TOWNSHIP REC fields (Memorial, Brookside, Rt. 22, VOTECH, Farley, etc.), FANWOOD BOROUGH REC fields (LaGrande, Forest Road Park, Watson Rd Basin, etc.) and BOARD OF EDUCATION fields (SPFHS, Terrill Middle, Park Middle, etc.).  
  • BOOTH FIELD IS ENTIRELY OWNED AND OPERATED BY SPFBL.  IT ALSO HAS INCREDIBLE DRAINAGE.  So it is not unusual for the town and board of ed to close all of their fields, and we still play on Booth Field.  Please check the website for updates on the condition of Booth Field.
No Parking on Valley Road
Violators may be ticketed

Everyone should be reminded that there is No Parking on Valley Road. This includes anywhere near the parking lot and anywhere near the batting cages. Coaches should drop off equipment and park in the lot. No parking in the little drive up area by the cages. Parents may NOT wait outside the cages in their car for players. Please adhere to these rules. Our neighbors have been patient with us, and we don’t want to see anyone issued a parking summons. THANK YOU!!

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