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Batting Cage Schedule
Booth Field Hut Meeting Room Schedule

2013 Booth Field Batting Cages

Important Things to Remember:
  • Teams playing at Booth Field have priority access to the cages on Weekdays 5-6pm and Saturdays 1 Hour before their game.
  • Please keep the cages and the area clean after use. Failure to comply will result in your team losing the privilege of using the batting cages.
  • Last team to use the cages please LOCK THE GATE.
  • Only Team coaches and players may be in the cages and area. No Parents. No Friends. PLAYERS AND COACHES ONLY!
  • You must reserve the cages in order to use them. No one is allowed without approval. *The only exception is noted above - teams playing at Booth have priority and do not need to go through the reservation process.
When you are done with your team’s cage time please do the following:
  1. Unplug the machines
  2. Put all the baseballs away
  3. Cover the machines
  4. Lock the gate       
Reserving a cage:
  1. Review the batting cage schedule and verify an open time slot
  2. Contact the scheduler via email at da70@yahoo.com
  3. In your request, please indicate: your Divsion, Team Name, & Manager’s Name,  and then the Date, Time, & Cage you would like (cage 1=long, cage 2=short)
  4. A confirmation email will be sent back

** Note: Requests will only be for one cage for one hour. This allows all teams equal access to the cages, especially during peak demand times.

Click HERE for the Batting Cage Schedule



There is no parking allowed on the street or at the cage entrance. Please drop off your equipment and park in the lot. If someone is parked on the street or at the entrance please advise them to move their cars.
2013 Booth Field Hut Meeting Room Schedule

As in past years, the board Secretary will be responsible for maintaining the usage of the Hut board room for various meetings. Please make and confirm your reservations through the Secretary to ensure that the Hut is available for any meetings you may need. Email Doug Ackerman at da70@yahoo.com to schedule your meeting.

Click HERE for the Hut Meeting Room Schedule


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