84.000 Euros in damage to the ebersdorf fire department

84.000 euros in damage to the ebersdorf fire department

In the meantime, mayor bernd reisenweber (burgergemeinschaft) has the bills on the table: almost 84 million euros.000 euros in damage caused by the fire in march on the land of the michelau company "metob the ebersdorf fire department has acquired the following equipment. So far, the municipality has been stuck with the costs – but there seems to be a solution in sight.

Costs are to be charged to "metob be invoiced

"Extremely grateful" in this context, reisenweber is the district administrator of lichtenfels, christian meibner (CSU). This week, he brought together all those involved in the firefighting efforts to discuss the problems of dealing with the devastating damage to the equipment caused by the fire. As the district office of lichtenfels announced after the meeting, six-figure damages were incurred during the operation. These are to be "metob to be invoiced "if necessary also by performance notice", like it hieb. Legally, the municipalities and the district of lichtenfels rely on the possibilities of the bavarian catastrophe protection law.

Insurance not at all generous

This makes it possible, in the case of rough operations such as "metob to claim the costs. The district office of lichtenfels assured to take the leading role and to bundle all invoices of the fire departments from the districts of coburg and lichtenfels. Contact person will be the insurance of the company "metob" his. But the insurance company has not been very generous so far, as bernd reisenweber reports.

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