A holiday for fruit

A holiday for fruit

On 1. July is "international fruit day" – a fitting date, according to the experts at the bavarian garden academy in veitshochheim, because the garden now offers a palette of colorful edible fruits.

The initiators and originators of the idea were former students at a berlin university who organized the first "international fruit day" in 2007 in berlin wall park celebrated. Approach was the idea of eating together, preferably fruit. Every year, a fruit of the year is now chosen and a suitable motto is issued. The "fruit holiday" could also be an opportunity to meet with family or friends for a fruit picnic.

Berries and fruit from the garden

Berry bushes and other fruit trees belong in a natural garden. The bleeds, which sometimes appear early in the year, serve as an important food source for bees and other insects, according to the press release. Over many weeks the different species provide pollen and nectar. At the same time, the bleeds are dusted and give tasty fruit.

Berry fruit requires little space and is therefore also suitable for small gardens. Even on the balcony or terrace it can be cultivated in a rough fab. Since the plants are usually sufficiently hardy, they provide fresh fruit for several years.

Berry bushes are easy to care for, as they often only require occasional thinning pruning and sufficient water, especially from the bleeding season to harvesting.

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