A meeting center is to be built in marktleugast

A meeting center is to be built in marktleugast

The house at kulmbacher strabe number 7 will be unrecognizable when it is converted into a meeting center. The building is owned by the municipality, has been empty since 1994 and is a key element in the urban development concept for radonplatz. In december, the city council decided to renovate and convert the building and commissioned the kulmbach architecture office in july to develop a concept for its conversion. Architect tino heb presented this at the community council meeting on monday evening.

Wall gutted

The house is built on the property lines, possibly from the time around 1880, plans or other documents, however, do not exist, explained heb. The main building is to be gutted and the walls between the rooms arranged in small sections removed. The outer walls are to be preserved as far as possible, but will have to be partly renewed. There is partly harmful black mold there. The eaves wall to the neighboring "wheel house" for example. Possibly due to the roof load.

Brick building remains

The central part of the building, made of exposed brick, is to be preserved unchanged. The adjoining garage or storage building will be demolished and possibly replaced by a new building. The entire ensemble will be united into a single unit, and an open courtyard could be created on the flat area in front of the brick building.
The new building will include rooms for the youth and the technical facilities (heating). Sanitary facilities will be placed in the current barn behind the brick central building. In the main building, a foyer is to be created in the center, which will remain open up to the top floor. A library or bookstore is planned for the space to the left of the foyer. The room on the right as a meeting room. The three rooms on the first floor are to be separated by sliding walls, which can be opened if necessary. In the rear part of the foyer, a staircase with a platform lift leads to the upper floor. A room for archives is to be built on the left and another meeting room or club room on the right. The two rooms in 1. The first floor is connected by a bridge above the foyer.

The costs

In front of the entire building complex a terrace is to be created, from which one can walk over steps or walkable ramps onto the streets or to the parking lots. The previous arrangement of the windows will be completely dissolved and designed differently. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof on the south side of the building. Heating is planned with wood chips or gas, whereby architect heb emphasized that gas would be more favorable. "Well calculated" so tino heb, the rough solution was with a new building right 1.663 million euro cost. Without a new annex 1.355 million, but then you have to integrate the technical equipment into the main building. This concept was accepted by the municipal council without any objections. According to mayor franz uome, the next step will be to discuss the project with the district government, especially in order to determine the possibilities of subsidies. Only after that it would be possible to discuss the overall scope of the project.

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