Always committed to the vdk

Always committed to the vdk

Berta wagenhauser is known beyond the community of schonungen as the long-serving chairwoman of the vdk local association of forst-gadheim. On friday, april 3. April, the forster native will be 90 years old.

Festival to be made up for

Although the jubilarian is now physically limited and is cared for by her youngest daughter, helga metzner, in euerdorf, germany. But her spirit is still awake and her excellent memory still knows every birthday of her acquaintances. Berta wagenhauser also retained her sense of humor. Because currently the round birthday cannot be celebrated in the circle of the large family with nine grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren, the celebration is to be made up for later.

She grew up as berta franz in the schonung part of the community. After school, the young woman helped in her father's small farm until she married her husband karl wagenhauser from schonungen in 1952. They built a house together, three girls were born. Berta wagenhauser was always at the side of her husband, who volunteered as chairman of the vdk forst-gadheim, helping with the advent celebrations with a raffle or with the house collection "help heal wounds" with. After his death in 1992, she continued to lead the local association, first as acting chairwoman and then as elected chairwoman until 2005. He appointed her his honorary chairwoman.

Berta wagenhauser also helped out at the catholic church for a long time, cleaning and decorating the flowers. For many years, she was the good soul of raiffeisenbank schonungen. She was interested in local events and also in schonungen's partnership with alban. 

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