Annette prechtel wants to become mayor of oberburg

Annette prechtel wants to become mayor of oberburg

"More vision, more responsibility for the whole, turned towards the people": this is the slogan with which the forchheim green list (FGL) is entering the 2020 municipal elections with annette prechtel as its candidate for the post of mayor of the city of forchheim. It wants to become a shaping force in the city council. This was announced by the executive committee and city council faction of the FGL at a press conference above buckenhofen with a view over the entire city.

"We want annette prechtel to be mayor because she has the very best qualifications for the office, both professionally and as a person", said emmerich huber, spokesman for the FGL. The 44-year-old, who holds a doctorate in geology, is not only well versed in issues of nature conservation and environmental protection. As a member of the city council and head of the grunen parliamentary group since 1996, she also has the necessary experience in local politics to make a difference.

"Annette prechtel, as the manager of a family business and the mother of three children, has a great deal of life experience and an understanding of economic necessities," said emmerich huber, petra nathan, spokeswoman for grunen-co, said. "We are pleased that such a competent woman is prepared to become the mayor of our city."

"More vision, more responsibility for the whole, open and honest to the citizens – that is our claim, and that is how I will understand the office of mayor. That is what I am applying for." This is how annette prechtel herself summarized what she is concerned about in the march election. For her, responsibility for the whole means "keeping an eye on the entire city society and not just on individual interests, thinking about future generations and looking beyond the horizons of forchheim. We want to live well here in forchheim, but not at the expense of others."

For her, a good life in forchheim, where prechtel grew up in the old town, includes affordable housing and a lively city center, as well as sufficient green space in the city and on its edges. She believes it is necessary to demand even more of the voluntary commitment of associations and initiatives, and to provide for sufficient and good childcare more quickly and with greater foresight.

There is still a need to catch up in terms of leisure and cultural facilities for all generations. Prechtel wants to remain in constant dialog with both burghers and businesses in forchheim: "overall, I want to listen carefully to what people in our city need, regardless of whether they have lived here for a long time or have only recently moved here." Because only in this way is more cooperation possible and the goal of balancing the economic, social and ecological aspects achievable. "We need a strong urban society if we want to master the challenges facing our city, according to prechtel.

This is especially true because of the ecological problems. "Forchheim as a city in a rich country can make its contribution to solving the climate crisis as well as to species conservation and fair world trade." Forchheim must set out on the road to becoming a climate-neutral municipality, prechtel demands. To achieve this, she wants to make greater demands on bicycles and public transport, among other things. "We must and we can also save more energy and become more ambitious in terms of regenerative energies." Another focus, he says, is to reduce flat consumption.

"I thought long and hard about whether there could be a majority for such a policy in forchheim", reported prechtel. In numerous conversations since the beginning of the year, she has gained the impression that many people want a truly new, ecological, social, democratic and citizen-oriented policy. They trust us to do the same, and that goes far beyond the green regulars."

"What is needed is not only a capable mayor, but also a different composition of the city council", emmerich huber was honored. "We want significantly more than the current five mandates in order to actually become a formative force in the city council." The city council list is currently still being worked on. It should run strong green candidates, but is also open to committed non-partisans who want to support green politics at the local level.

For the 19. The nomination of the mayor candidate is planned for september, for the 6. November the compilation of the complete city council list.

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