Bamberg’s sand in a state of exception

Bamberg's sand in a state of exception

The countdown to the 63. Bamberg sandkerwa runs. On thursday at 7 p.M., the burgerverein IV. District will open this year's sandkerwa together with the tapping of the keg beer by mayor andreas starke (SPD) in the marquee at the leinritt. The fairgrounds were already bustling with activity in all corners and ends during the construction work.

The marquee at the leinritt has been up for a few days and almost all of the 4,000 pennants are already hanging over the streets. Also the first "festgaste" have, for example at the crane, discovered the beer table sets and conquered them for themselves. There was no beer, sausages or fish, but there was a "free" food stand seating with a view of the marquee and little venice.

The exhibitors are also busy with screws and hammers. During our tour, the planes of the carousel in front of the university library were still on the ground, but showman georg fischer assured: "in two hours, everything will be ready and you could already take the first ride."

The sandkerwa is also taking shape at markusplatz. This area will serve as an amusement park for families for the first time this year, after the fishery schoolyard is no longer available. The street directly in front of the uni building, the former women's clinic, is already closed off. First stands are already. The autoscooter facility has also already been placed on the meadow. In addition, there will be a merry-go-round, a sliding booth and food stalls.

This year, for the first time, there will also be a toilet trailer at markusplatz. Visitors will find further public toilets next to the marquee, on elisabethenplatz, at the schranne and in all catering establishments. "The two cross-urinals at ottoplatz and schiffbauplatz have been preserved over the past year. Therefore they will be put up again", explained ulricke heucken, managing director of bamberger sandkerwa veranstaltungs gmbh. For the toilet facilities you can again "piss nix in the city!" Purchase tickets. They cost four euros. But you can go to one of the toilet carts eleven times. The use of the cross-urinale, on the other hand, is free of charge.

In total, there will be about 90 stands and fairground rides at the sandkerwa 2013. Over 200,000 guests are expected to attend the five-day event. The festival area includes the lower bridge, the crane, markusplatz, sandstrabe, leinritt, schranne and the inner courtyard of geyersworth castle, where a music program will be offered in addition to food stands. In addition, there is the parking deck of the state building authorities on kasernstrabe, which will be hosted by the lions club bamberg. As in previous years, one hundred percent of the proceeds will be used for social purposes.

Music stage at the katzenberg
Furthermore there will be a music stage again this year at the katzenberg. Because of safety regulations the stage had to be reduced last year. Therefore, the surrounding landlords decided not to have a stage at all. This year, however, a small stage is planned in the middle of the katzenberg, which will be played live again.

The supporting program is, as always, quite traditional. It already starts tonight at 7 pm with an opening service. However, due to the renovation work in the elisabethenkirche, this will take place in the marquee at the leinritt.

On thursday ladt at 13 and at 14.30 o'clock the bamberger kasperl invites to a sandkerwa-adventure in two elevators. At 16.30 o'clock mayor werner hipelius will open the familienkerwa at markusplatz. The official tapping of the barrel will take place at 7 pm also in the marquee at the leinritt.

The kirchweih tree will be erected in front of the elisabethenkirche on friday at about 6 p.M. On saturday fighting from 14.30 o'clock the youth fishers compete for the victory and with nightfall the decorated boats sail on the river regnitz past small venice.

On sunday at 9 a.M. A festive service will be celebrated in front of the elisabethenkirche and afterwards there will be a "fruhschoppen" in the marquee of the burgerverein, before the traditional "fischerstechen" will take place at 3 p.M. On monday at 6 p.M. The cockerel will be struck at the elisabethenplatz.

The sandkerwa will end in the usual way on monday around 10 p.M. With the fireworks display from michaelsberg.

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