Behind the scenes of the bnd

Behind the scenes of the bnd

The group of burgers from the districts of bad kissingen, habberge and rhon-grabfeld visited, among other things, the headquarters of the federal intelligence service (bnd) and the bavarian state representation in the german capital.

"Glad it finally worked out!" Elmar grau from ramsthal is pleased about the opportunity to travel to berlin for once. A good year ago, he expressed his interest in a trip to the german capital in the burgers’ office of sabine dittmar, a member of the bundestag for the SPD. A path open to all burgers. "We try to fulfill the wishes as good as possible and to consider everybody, even if it can take a little time", reports carolin schiefer, a member of sabine dittmar’s constituency office in bad kissingen, who is the four-day trip supervised.

In cooperation with the federal press office, she had put together an interesting and varied program. One of the highlights was certainly the visit to the headquarters of the federal intelligence service (BND). The guests were impressed by what the speaker, who himself had spent years in the intelligence service, had to say about his own work.

At a dinner at potsdamer platz and a meeting at the bavarian state representation, sabine dittmar buried the visitors. "It is always a pleasure to introduce the people from my constituency to the work I do in berlin and to discuss it with them, says the SPD member of parliament.

"I like to take my time", she emphasized . Even though numerous meetings of the parliamentary group and the committee were held during the past week, under the politician’s diary also included a discussion of the federal law on participation, the psychiatric compensation law and the law on the strengthening of care 3. "I hope that i can provide interesting insights into political berlin at the meetings."

The days in the federal capital began for the group with a guided tour of the allied museum. There was a lot of information about the division of berlin into four sectors after the second world war. Due to this situation, the capital soon became the center of the cold war, which has not remained without traces: the effects of the global conflict continue to affect the city to this day, as the visitors learned.

The group also experienced berlin and german history at the sites of its events at the wall memorial in bernauer strabe, where they could see, among other things, the last remaining piece of the former border fortifications in the middle of the city.

During a visit to the bundestag, the guests from the electoral district of bad kissingen were unfortunately not able to experience a plenary session, but they did learn a lot of background information about the processes in parliament during a presentation.

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