Bischberg saves over 97.2 tons of co2 per year with led lighting

For a few weeks now, bischberg has no longer been glowing orange, but warm white, saving energy and CO2 on the one hand and protecting the insect world on the other. Responsible for this is bamberg’s public utility company, which converted all of the 869 streetlights to LED on behalf of the municipality


In 2013, the municipality placed the care of the street lighting in all its districts (bischberg, weipelsdorf, tutschengereuth and trosdorf) in the hands of the bamberg municipal utility company. "Since then, we have not only taken care of regular operations, but are also constantly on the lookout for ways to make the lighting more efficient and environmentally friendly", explains michael wilda, specialist for lighting systems at the stadtwerke bamberg, in the press release. "When the municipal utilities

They calculated that by switching to leds, we would save 164,000 kwh of electricity and 97.2 tons of CO2 per year

In addition, the cost of maintenance would be reduced, we didn’t hesitate and commissioned the public utility company with the conversion", reports bischberg’s mayor johann pfister. Within twelve weeks, all 869 lights were replaced.

Besides climate protection, nature and wildlife also play a role. That’s why a compromise was consciously made with the standard lamps that are also used in bamberg, frensdorf and pettstadt: these LED lamps have a light spectrum that attracts insects less, but also requires a little more electricity. One fifth of the 180,000 euro project was financed by the federal government.

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