Breakthrough at the kulturquartier in bamberg?

breakthrough at the kulturquartier in bamberg?

Rainer pfaff, mario nimke and maximilian mende can hardly believe their happiness on this day. A few minutes ago, the conversion senate made a decision that seems to reward the protagonists of the association cultural quarter lagarde for their activities. Pfaff and his comrades-in-arms have been fighting since 2016 for a cultural and social center on the land of the former lagarde barracks. Bamberg-east is to get a center.

Now, for the first time, it seems as if the city also wants to nail its head to the wall and slip into a responsible role. According to the unanimous decision, a three- to five-year laboratory situation is to be created in the former u.S. Post office hall, a wide building in front of the riding hall – a house of culture in the early stages of development. One formulation in particular is important: the use of the post hall is to be "under the leadership of the cultural office" this means that the city will not be able to avoid the coordination and the associated personnel costs, as well as the costs for the construction of the rooms.

It’s not a simple matter when you consider the hall’s impressive size: it has two sales for 600 and 200 visitors each, a club bar, two studio rooms and a number of other social, work and storage areas. Ursula sowa has worked out the most clearly the soft position. In the conversion senate, the city councilwoman of the green faction spoke of a breakthrough and of the city’s commitment that had finally been made. But they did not leave it at that: now it was a matter of negotiating a time schedule and naming the costs.

In addition to the old riding hall and the post hall, the cultural quarter also includes a square the size of the maxplatz in between. How will the city breathe life into this huge ensemble?? We will know more about this in july. Then the cultural quarter is on the agenda in the cultural senate.

The protagonists in the association kulturquartier are also eagerly awaiting the results of a study. To believe that everything is now in dry cloth, they are far from it. The costs in particular harbor the potential for dispute and delay. Rainer pfaff and his colleagues hope that the city will follow up its announcements with action. However, there is one thing they do not want: that the cultural quarter is demanded at the expense of other cultural institutions.

What is christian lange (CSU) in favor of?? The cultural officer played a major role in developing the location of the management in the cultural office. The house must develop a profile with liveliness and radiance, is the hope behind it. However, lange advocates a two-stage process in terms of speed: because of the underground car park that is being built under the square, he proposes concentrating the scarce funds first on the expansion of the kesselhaus and only tackling the posthalle once the underground car park has been completed in 2023. "It makes little sense to start beforehand.

Author’s comment:

Healing grounding

As soon as an election date approaches, local politicians begin to take an interest in those who actually give them power. In this respect, the change from the lofty plans for the former lagarde barracks (chamber music hall, new conference center, etc.) to the new cultural center was a salutary grounding process…) to the model of low-threshold usable and thus also affordable event spaces a healing grounding process.

What bamberg-east needs, after the impositions of an anchor center, a federal police force that is secluded behind high fences and averse to space, and finally an imminent railroad expansion, is an urban development that benefits as many groups as possible – a real center. That this is missing, everyone who lives in the east, where one still remembers wistfully the cinema in the capitol and the times of the recreation center, knows. The lagarde campus offers the chance to create a cultural quarter that graces bamberg, because it helps the independent theaters as well as the up-and-coming bands and the local associations. Politicians should seize the opportunity now and not let four more years go by in order to save money. Anyone who knows that 28 million euros will flow into the city coffers for two conversion sites alone will not sink into pity for the chamberlain. So the politicians can still go ahead. The election campaign is just beginning.

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