Template: important points unresolved ahead of bund-lander round

template: important points unresolved ahead of bund-lander round

In the country discussions on measures to counter the dramatic development of the corona, there is still no agreement on important points shortly before the meeting with chancellor angela merkel (CDU), who is scheduled for this afternoon.

It is still unclear, for example, at what hospitalization rate there should be access restrictions for the unvaccinated or compulsory testing for the vaccinated and recovered (2G plus). This is the result of a draft resolution made available to the deutsche presse-agentur on thursday, which was sent to the other states by north rhine-westphalia during the night following consultations between the heads of state on wednesday evening. North rhine-westphalia currently holds the presidency of the conference of minister presidents.

The head of the chancellor’s office, helge braun (CDU), also took part in the discussions on wednesday evening. As a matter of principle, the draft resolution now on the table is merely a basis for discussion. As in the previous rounds of the minister-presidents’ conference with merkel, final agreement will not be reached until the very end. On thursday, it was not clear how long the discussions, which began in the early afternoon, would last.

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After a 284-day break, non-stop ice hockey in the future

After a 284-day break, non-stop ice hockey in the future

Months of complaining and dithering in the german ice hockey league are over. More than nine months after the season was cancelled due to the corona crisis, the DEL season will start this year after all.

On 17. December – 284 days after the last DEL game so far in march – the opening game of a shortened season is to be played with a different schedule and full of uncertainties. "We know that there are still a lot of uncertainties, we will certainly have to improvise," said DEL general manager gernot tripcke after the decisive club switch, but was visibly relieved: "we all feel very, very comfortable. We’re coming into the season late, but hopefully all the better for it."

The mode is, however, necessarily habit-forming for most fans, who are used to 52 main-round game days and subsequent playoffs up to the championship cure. Apart from the fact that they won’t be able to go to the stadiums anyway and will have to rely on a magentasport subscription, the telekom platform, like the NHL, offers "non-stop field hockey" with up to three games a day until mid-march.

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Where u.s. Sports stand in corona crisis

Where u.s. sports stand in corona crisis

When the NBA was founded on 11. Marz as the first major league in the u.S. Interrupted its season because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was talk behind closed doors of a break of about 30 days.

On 6. April NBA head adam silver said: "at least for the month of april we will not be able to make a decision. And that doesn’t mean that on 1. May are."

Not even the scheduled start of the NFL season in september is certain – even though US president donald trump said of a return to live sports in his country: "I can’t give you a date, but I think it will be sooner rather than later."An overview of professional sports in the united states of america.

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Coronavirus “drive-in” in coburg: that’s what’s behind it

coronavirus ' drive-in='

Patients who fear they have contracted the corona virus should avoid GP surgeries as far as possible. This is to avoid infecting other patients in the waiting room. Family doctors now have the option of sending patients to a central office in coburg. To get tested, they do not even have to leave their car.

The site is located at the BRK marienhaus, gustav-hirschfeld-ring 1. An important step, as prof. Dr. Stefan piltz, medical director of "regiomed-coburg hospital, emphasizes. "We need to prevent infected patients from coming into the hospital itself in relevant numbers.", he explained during a press interview on thursday. This is to prevent patients or staff at the hospital from coming into contact with infected persons.

Coronavirus continues to spread

Even though the case of the first infected man in the county has not been confirmed, piltz says: "i am convinced that corona will not pass by the county of coburg." But he makes it clear that it is now important to slow down the spread so that the hospital's capacities are not overstretched.

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Fubball jolts together: signal effect through salary waiver

Fubball jolts together: signal effect through salary waiver

Borussia monchengladbach led the way, with numerous bundesliga soccer clubs following suit: players, coaches and leading employees at many clubs are now foregoing part of their salaries because of the financial consequences of the coronavirus crisis. An overview:

FC BAYERN munich: the stars and managers of FC bayern waive 20 percent of their owners’ fees. "We professional soccer players are a particularly privileged professional group for whom it is a matter of course to make financial sacrifices when there is a need," captain manuel neuer told the daily newspapers "tz" and "munchner merkur. The takeover is also intended to avoid imminent disadvantages for the employees of the german record champion. FC bayern is the financially strongest bundesliga club. In the past double season, the munich-based company reported sales of 750.4 million euros for the group as a whole. FC bayern munchen AG’s personnel expenses amounted to 336.2 million euros.

BORUSSIA DORTMUND: thanks to the willingness of the professionals to forego part of their salaries, BVB saves a double-digit million amount, according to its own statements. This sum will "help to secure and protect BVB as one of dortmund’s major employers during the corona crisis," according to a statement by the second-placed team in the league table. Also "the responsible persons of the club as well as the coaching staff" joined the saving measures. Managing director hans-joachim watzke sees the waiver "as a valuable sign of solidarity both with the club and with our 850 employees".

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