Fubball is his life

Werner kruglein celebrated his 80th birthday. Birthday showered with congratulations. He was a soccer player for the FC from his childhood, and the glory days of the 1950s are unforgettable to him. At the age of 18, he was already playing in the national league team and was a key player. This was remembered at the birthday party by honorary chairman ottmar gerber, siegfried jungkunz and bertram glatzer. They recited many an anecdote in rhyming form. An absolute high point was the friendly match against 1. FC nurnberg. Still today the "schnick" cultivates, as the jubilarian is called by friends, good contacts to the club. "Fubball, the FCP and the FCN are my life besides my family", said kruglein. Due to his playing strength, he was also called up several times for selection teams in upper franconia. When he was appointed an honorary member in 2015, he was called an "ambassador of FC pressig" because of him and his numerous supra-regional missions the FC pressig became known beyond the borders of frankenwald.
Werner kruglein is also an honorary member of the fire department and belongs to the "frohsinn" railroad singing group and the "summit strikers" to. Mayor hans pietz thanked the jubilarian for his loyalty to his birthplace and his commitment.
1960 kruglein married his anni. The marriage produced sons ferdinand and klaus. The latter died much too early. The family also includes two grandchildren.Werner kruglein ran his own bakery for a long time. Later he worked for the railroad as a track layer and in the signal maintenance department.

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Lots of traffic in the needle’s ear

Lots of traffic in the needle's ear

Since 1. August the residents of the through road need good nerves. Since that day, the vehicles on the way to schweinfurt have been passing through dietersdorf, gemunda and autenhausen, among other places, instead of the federal highway on the state road 2204. The closure at oberelldorf is expected to last until the end of the year because the local thoroughfare is being widened there.
"Catastrophic" rosemarie scharpf describes the situation. 39 trucks paid them in the beginning in half an hour. On the very first evening, a truck damaged the canopy of her house. No wonder, after all, the building reaches almost to the edge of the road due to the lack of a sidewalk. "As a result, we put up plant cubbies in front of the house", says scharpf. Neighbors did the same.
"The trucks drive so far that you think they’ll take you with them", confirms nicole scharpf, who lives just a few meters away. It is particularly problematic when trucks meet at the bottleneck. The only way to get past each other is on the sidewalk. The locals say that once there were even twelve trucks blocking the road because they couldn’t get out of the way due to the garbage cans standing at the edge of the road for emptying. Nicole scharpf is particularly worried about how the children will get safely to the bus stop after the vacations are over. As a precaution, she has locked away the bicycle of her youngest, nine-year-old kevin, for the time being.
Last week the scharpfs spontaneously painted a sign: "here is no race track!" The 37-year-old scharpf would rather have the trucks out of her village sooner rather than later. Although the drivers "are only doing their job", admits the danger to their lives mario ruckemann. He has been behind the wheel of a truck and knows the time pressure the drivers are under. His girlfriend nods and says: "sure, they have to make up their time. Then they drive like crazy."

There is no alternative

Project manager harald schnappauf from the kronach service center of the bamberg state construction office, who is responsible for the expansion, cannot give you much hope that the traffic situation will end soon: "we do not have an adequate detour at our disposal." Stopping a major artery like the 303 is problematic. While the road is being expanded, traffic will eventually have to go somewhere. That getting through the villages "is not easy" is better, schnappauf admits, but on the other hand, "a state road must be able to withstand a certain amount of traffic.
After on-site visits and payments, schnappauf has the impression of "manageable, albeit increased traffic". Nevertheless, the information from residents is taken seriously. The project manager promises: "if the traffic situation gets out of hand, we will react." The city of seblach also responded to the concerns and fears of the citizens of burg, says bernd vogt, and points to the improvements that have already been made along the detour route.
Protests have also been received by the district administration, as timo sommerluksch from the road traffic authority confirms. Since autenhausen and gemunda would otherwise have been in a "happy situation" living with little traffic, the current traffic situation hits localities particularly hard. "But this is a limited time", sommerluksch appeals for understanding.
Rough detours via highways 70, 71, 73 and federal highways 4 and 173 were intended to relieve the local detour, but these detours were little used, at least initially. After a local meeting on 17. After a local meeting on august 17, the speed limit was partially reduced in the thoroughfares, stopping bans were imposed, and a traffic light was installed for pedestrians in dietersdorf. According to nicole scharpf, the signs with speed 30, which the residents had wanted, do not cause drivers to take their foot off the gas – just as speed limit signs do not.
Scharpf thought radar controls were better. "They were theoretically possible – but practically difficult", says ulrich bosecker of the coburg police department. According to the guidelines, one must keep a distance of 200 meters to the protruding traffic sign. Then they were already in the center of autenhausen, where all road users are forced to drive slowly because of the curve. Harald schnappauf also believes in "mabige" only successes with such controls: "they caught one or two foreigners, but certainly some locals as well."
Subjectively, the speed may seem high to the residents, but according to his impression, some of the traffic has already sought other routes "this usually takes one to two weeks"." By september at the latest, hardly any trucks will be using the current alternative route, predicts sommerluksch: "then we’ll close the B 303 near ahorn once again."

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84.000 Euros in damage to the ebersdorf fire department

84.000 euros in damage to the ebersdorf fire department

In the meantime, mayor bernd reisenweber (burgergemeinschaft) has the bills on the table: almost 84 million euros.000 euros in damage caused by the fire in march on the land of the michelau company "metob the ebersdorf fire department has acquired the following equipment. So far, the municipality has been stuck with the costs – but there seems to be a solution in sight.

Costs are to be charged to "metob be invoiced

"Extremely grateful" in this context, reisenweber is the district administrator of lichtenfels, christian meibner (CSU). This week, he brought together all those involved in the firefighting efforts to discuss the problems of dealing with the devastating damage to the equipment caused by the fire. As the district office of lichtenfels announced after the meeting, six-figure damages were incurred during the operation. These are to be "metob to be invoiced "if necessary also by performance notice", like it hieb. Legally, the municipalities and the district of lichtenfels rely on the possibilities of the bavarian catastrophe protection law.

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Field hockey miracle in us players paradise

field hockey miracle in us players paradise

With a sword, a golden knight cut through a dusenjet. Impossible? Not in las vegas. With a breathtaking laser show on the ice, the golden knights field hockey team welcomed the winnipeg jets to the third nhl final game in the western conference.

Even more spectacular, however, are the performances of the team from the desert of nevada. Golden knights went 2-1 – two wins away from stanley cup finals. One way or another, the inaugural season of the 31. NHL team historic.

One record after another, the golden knights are rebounding as a so-called expansion team, a newly formed team. With 51 victories in the regular season, for example, they pulverized the best mark of the florida panthers (33). "It is perhaps the best story in the recent past for the league," called the U.S. Magazine "forbes". The broadcasting TV station NBC is also happy about the best ratings. "The nation is fascinated by the incredible story of the golden knights," declared sam flood, executive producer at NBC.

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Cotton ants remember good feeding spots

Cotton ants remember good feeding spots

In the search for food the ants could not lose time. "The shorter you’re out, the better," says wolf. Enemies lurked above the nest, and it was dangerous heib. To search as effectively as possible, insects focus on locations that have proven lucrative before, rather than wandering around on a rough flat.

Two questions are crucial for the foraging ants: is there still food today in the same place where i was successful yesterday?? And if not, how likely is it that there is fodder in the near vicinity? For their experiment, the researchers directed honey ants of the species cataglyphis fortis out of their nest to a place where sometimes many, sometimes few and sometimes none of the cake crumbs were lying. There were two versions of the test setup with many crooks: piled up or spread out.

The more crumbs the ants found, the more they concentrated on exactly the same spot on their next visit. The less they found, the rougher was the flat they searched the next time around. "But they can’t pay," says wolf. If 25 crumbs were packed tightly together, they estimated the quantity more roughly – and thus the location more reliably – than if 25 crumbs were scattered loose.

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Police law on cell phone network to be revised after criticism

Police law on cell phone network to be revised after criticism

In concrete terms, this should apply to hostage-taking, bombings and rampages – but not to demonstrations, as the opposition has suggested.

Stahlknecht was responding to criticism from the left, among others, who considered the wording too vague. According to the draft, cell phone network shutdowns during violent demonstrations are also conceivable, said left-wing member of parliament henriette quade. It was undisputed that nets could be shut down if someone wanted to detonate a bomb over them. Net shutdowns during demonstrations were not allowed, however. The greens had also rejected the law, saying it gave the police too broad powers.

The previous draft of the police law had allowed the disconnection of the networks to "avert a present danger to the existence or security of the federation or of a country, or to the life, limb or freedom of a person". According to stahlknecht, there were no plans to use it to enable grid shutdowns during demonstrations.

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Funny science in the cabaret board

Funny science in the cabaret board

Especially the younger visitors looked unbelievable when he blew out candles with guitar sound waves or held a ball in the air in exactly the position he wanted with the help of a leaf vacuum cleaner.

The sound waves and the beer
It became a wet affair for those who were sitting close to the stage, when he loved to push beer out of two bottles by means of sound waves fontane-like. Hair precise he explained thereby mostly, why which effects why arise.

Of course he did not reveal all his tricks. So a boy had to draw a card from a purely imaginary deck of cards, which another visitor had previously shuffled on stage in the tradition of air guitar playing, and memorize it. You could see the surprise on the boy's face when konrad stockel presented him with exactly the card he had made up from a real card game.

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From “baking king” to “brewmaster


120 years have passed since paul arauner sold his pharmacy – the former lamm pharmacy – in order to become independent with his own ideas. "It all started with pure-breeding yeasts," explains current managing director and shareholder wolf freiherr von tautphoeus. "He sold to winemakers, but also wanted to help the average consumer to make his own wine."At that time, unlike today, wine was not a popular drink, but only something for the better-off and for festive occasions. This is what paul arauner wanted to change with his initiative.

A second mainstay quickly became invert sugar, at that time still called kitzinger kunsthonig (artificial honey). Quickly available energy, so that people could "quickly get something on their ribs", as tautphoeus puts it. In the times of shortage during the two world wars, that was important. Many of the older ones still remember the artificial honey of the war and postwar period, which helped through the dry years. Every day a wagon was sent to the military and at home it became a popular foodstuff.

"We still have the patent from the imperial era, from 1917."Wolf von tautphoeus is proud of this. Even though EU law has since taken effect and the product name "artificial honey" has been replaced by the term "invert sugar cream". That is why the product was given the name kitzinger backkonig. For a long time, the gingerbread bakers of nurnberg ordered it by the barrel. Today it is mainly found on the shelves of supermarkets for the end consumer. "The cake is moister thanks to the baking cone and stays fresh longer," says freya von tautphoeus, the daughter of the company owner, explaining the advantages of her product.

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Bischberg saves over 97.2 tons of co2 per year with led lighting

For a few weeks now, bischberg has no longer been glowing orange, but warm white, saving energy and CO2 on the one hand and protecting the insect world on the other. Responsible for this is bamberg’s public utility company, which converted all of the 869 streetlights to LED on behalf of the municipality


In 2013, the municipality placed the care of the street lighting in all its districts (bischberg, weipelsdorf, tutschengereuth and trosdorf) in the hands of the bamberg municipal utility company. "Since then, we have not only taken care of regular operations, but are also constantly on the lookout for ways to make the lighting more efficient and environmentally friendly", explains michael wilda, specialist for lighting systems at the stadtwerke bamberg, in the press release. "When the municipal utilities

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From the railroad in the aurach valley

Bernhard panzer once again, the city council faces a long agenda. In its public meeting next wednesday at 6 p.M. In the clubhouse, the debate about the aurachtal railroad was already a source of controversy.

Already discussed in the planning committee, the city council is now to decide how to proceed and appoint an office to support the city administration in this process. The aim is to prepare a feasibility study and draw up the award guidelines for it. The study should then clarify whether reactivation of the line in the aurach valley would be feasible and economically viable at all.

Already in the committee, the CSU criticized that mayor hacker wanted to make this assessment dependent on the stadt-umland-bahn (stub), since this was the basis of all considerations in herzogenaurach and the free state would clearly prefer a stub. The CSU wants a route assessment in the aurach valley, but detached from other considerations.

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