Ebern’s new indoor swimming pool takes shape

Ebern's new indoor swimming pool takes shape

"It will not be a spa, but a school swimming pool, which can be used by families with children", peter kuhn has set himself this goal and drawn it on a plan. The architect from baur consult in habfurt presented the concept for the new indoor swimming pool building to the city council on thursday evening.

The five-million-euro project, in which the district is the developer, was presented to representatives of the schools and associations that morning. "This is a preliminary draft, but the guideline for the grant application to the government of lower franconia", said ralf rockelein from the building department in response to a question from thomas limpert (CSU) as to whether other changes were still possible?

The location is fixed. All three planning offices that had taken part in an architectural competition had chosen the meadow to the north of the secondary school as the ideal site. Baur-consult planner kuhn: "other opportunities had been lost at the old location." The solution on coburger strabe was the better variant, which also improved the townscape. A bus stop would also be possible there.

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The schoolyard of the secondary school got a green note

The schoolyard of the secondary school got a green note

The district has invested well over seven million euros in the renovation of the wallburg secondary school. Last year we were able to complete the construction inspection. A good school building also needs an attractive playground. It was often used as a storage area and parking lot for construction equipment and materials during the construction phase. After the easter vacations, the playground was intensively redesigned. The site is now a sight to behold.

The horticultural district advisor guntram ulsamer brought together the wishes of schoolchildren and teachers and drew up a plan. He was executed piece by piece.

A pavilion, pallets for sitting, greenery, a tree planting and a school pond were the first elements of the new playground. The next step was to create a rest area with a pavilion, other seating made of wood and other materials, as well as flat areas for games such as basketball or soccer. There is a natural corner with a fountain stone that leads the water to a gutter. And the planted shrubs are now in full bloom. Around most of the trees there are wooden seating areas and in the flowerbeds the flowers are blooming. Raised beds were planted with herbs. The path to the school pond has been paved and a crude insect hotel is to be erected nearby. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, the investment costs were kept within reasonable limits; the budget of 35,000 euros was largely adhered to.

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Matthias dusel wants to become sulzfeld mayor

Matthias dusel wants to become sulzfeld mayor

After 36 years as mayor, gerhard schenkel from the sulzfeld municipal list (SKL) will not be running again in next year’s municipal elections. His successor is mathias dusel from SKL.

"We are convinced that he is the right one", this is how gerhard schenkel reflects the opinion in skl. Dusel is running against wolfgang patzwahl, who has already been nominated by the wahlergemeinschaft pro sulzfeld (WPS)

"We have a mayoral candidate who will seize sulzfeld’s opportunities and unite the people", it reads in a SKL release to the press. Matthias dusel has many years of experience in politics, administration and voluntary work and is a specialist in marketing. The 51-year-old was born in winterhausen, graduated from high school in marktbreit and then studied in wurzburg. After german reunification, the candidate, who has lived in sulzfeld for some time, moved to south thuringia and then to the state capital of erfurt, where he worked in several ministries and advised ministers in responsible positions, both professionally and politically. For the past 15 years, he has worked as a marketing and sales expert for AOK erfurt. "In addition to all the topics of marketing, i have internalized social competence, working in projects, systemic thinking", matthias dusel is quoted in the press release.

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Always committed to the vdk

Always committed to the vdk

Berta wagenhauser is known beyond the community of schonungen as the long-serving chairwoman of the vdk local association of forst-gadheim. On friday, april 3. April, the forster native will be 90 years old.

Festival to be made up for

Although the jubilarian is now physically limited and is cared for by her youngest daughter, helga metzner, in euerdorf, germany. But her spirit is still awake and her excellent memory still knows every birthday of her acquaintances. Berta wagenhauser also retained her sense of humor. Because currently the round birthday cannot be celebrated in the circle of the large family with nine grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren, the celebration is to be made up for later.

She grew up as berta franz in the schonung part of the community. After school, the young woman helped in her father's small farm until she married her husband karl wagenhauser from schonungen in 1952. They built a house together, three girls were born. Berta wagenhauser was always at the side of her husband, who volunteered as chairman of the vdk forst-gadheim, helping with the advent celebrations with a raffle or with the house collection "help heal wounds" with. After his death in 1992, she continued to lead the local association, first as acting chairwoman and then as elected chairwoman until 2005. He appointed her his honorary chairwoman.

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City library: birthday and a bet win

city library: birthday and a bet win

The library celebrates its birthday – and all of hammelburg joins in the celebration. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, readers gave the institution the best present of all: a program as original, diverse and varied as the city library has presented itself over the years. It is more than just a lending institution.

"Vital, not greying, highly creative and cross-generational" mayor ernst stross calls the city library. It is an "attractive point of contact for the middle center of hammelburg". He gratefully met the eyes of the dedicated and creative bookstore team and its manager, karin wengerter. Stross also recalled the beginnings of this municipal facility 25 years ago, which can be traced back to the old burgermeisters elmar hartung and karl fell.

"Today's public libraries are not just lending offices like they were 25 years ago.", wies graduate librarian stephan niemeyer from the wurzburg branch of the state office for public libraries points out the changes that have taken place up to now. "Our books have a grossly broad effect", niemeyer was not at all afraid to compare the number of visitors to the top football leagues. In a pleasant atmosphere, bookstores are the contact point not only for children and schools, but also for parents, schools and the rest of the educational system," says mayor ernst stross. "Karin wengerter, her team and friends are exceptionally creative here in hammelburg and are considered to be one of the busiest city libraries in lower franconia", congratulated niemeyer.

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Grievances at hallstadt schools

grievances at hallstadt schools

Hallstadt is in turmoil: the principal of the elementary school, heinz jung, has filed a complaint with the district administration against mayor thomas soder (CSU). The accusations of principal heinz jung weigh heavily. Due to his "inadequate exchange of information with the school administration and the partly untruthful presentation of facts," jung states in his letter violate soder's official duties, according to jung. Soders behavior endangers to a high degree the safety of the schoolchildren and persons who travel in the two schoolhouses hallstadt and dorfleins.

The complete letter to the district administration is available to the editorial office. District office press spokesman frank fortsch confirms to the FT the receipt of the complaint. It is currently being audited. Only in the case of violation of the law, the legal supervision can take action.

According to the letter from the principal, which was received not only by the authorities but also by the teaching staff and the town councillors, the complaint relates to dangerous situations in both school buildings. Heavily abbreviated, jung had communicated grievances but received no response. This began in 2016 and ended in october of last year, when a blind fell down at the emergency exit of the small school gymnasium while a blood donation was taking place inside. "There could have been several serious injuries or even deaths", jung states in his letter. In dorfleins also twice lamps fell from the ceiling.

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Danger of death from vertigo – when everything spins: this is how vertigo develops

Danger of death from vertigo - when everything spins: this is how vertigo develops

Suddenly everything revolves around you and you lose control: dizziness. You get up abruptly and suddenly you feel dizzy. The world is spinning, and often you go black in the face for a moment. This so-called orthostatic dizziness can be alarming – but it is not usually dangerous. But you lose your balance and fall down. According to a study from 2016, physicians see a high risk and in some cases even a risk of death in it.

The study, which was published in the journal the laryngoscope published, scientists at harvard medical school have studied the mortality rate among patients with dizziness. While this is 2.6 percent in healthy people, it is as high in patients with vertigo (9 percent) as in patients with diabetes mellitus (9.8 percent) or cardiovascular disease (10.5 percent).

When everything spins: how does dizziness happen?

If a person moves from a horizontal to a vertical position – in other words, if he stands up from a lying position – he becomes a victim of gravity. The blood sinks into the legs. The head is no longer supplied with sufficient blood accordingly. The command center goes into stand-by mode for a moment, you could say. Therefore, the affected person is temporarily no longer master of the situation.

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