City library: birthday and a bet win

city library: birthday and a bet win

The library celebrates its birthday – and all of hammelburg joins in the celebration. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, readers gave the institution the best present of all: a program as original, diverse and varied as the city library has presented itself over the years. It is more than just a lending institution.

"Vital, not greying, highly creative and cross-generational" mayor ernst stross calls the city library. It is an "attractive point of contact for the middle center of hammelburg". He gratefully met the eyes of the dedicated and creative bookstore team and its manager, karin wengerter. Stross also recalled the beginnings of this municipal facility 25 years ago, which can be traced back to the old burgermeisters elmar hartung and karl fell.

"Today's public libraries are not just lending offices like they were 25 years ago.", wies graduate librarian stephan niemeyer from the wurzburg branch of the state office for public libraries points out the changes that have taken place up to now. "Our books have a grossly broad effect", niemeyer was not at all afraid to compare the number of visitors to the top football leagues. In a pleasant atmosphere, bookstores are the contact point not only for children and schools, but also for parents, schools and the rest of the educational system," says mayor ernst stross. "Karin wengerter, her team and friends are exceptionally creative here in hammelburg and are considered to be one of the busiest city libraries in lower franconia", congratulated niemeyer.

Readers between two and 80 years
The readers were between two and well over 80 years old, wengerter confirmed. The regular readers reach as far as geldersheim. The library director expressed her special thanks to the supporting "lesezeichen" circle of friends with eberhard munz at the helm. The book team was also pleased with the donation check of 3637 euros that the high school students from frobenius gymnasium were able to present after their P-seminar. The amount of money included donations and income from the reading night a few weeks ago. The students won their bet against the city council by exceeding the 2000-euro limit for donations. "Our efforts have paid off", high school student lilli schmitt was happy, and her classmate maximilian ebert was proud of the size of the check.

Nowadays, readers can easily search for interesting literature in the town library on the internet via the online catalog, and throughout lower franconia via the finduthek. For half a year, the bookstore has also been in contact via "facebook" possible with a cell phone.

More than 8000 children's books, 8300 non-fiction books, 5000 novels, about 40 magazine subscriptions, 590 children's cds, 810 other cds, 290 audio books, 280 games, 130 cd-roms and 530 dvds are available. On several floors in the red castle, various reading rooms of the municipal library and a children's library with a reading meadow and a real high seat invite to smokers on the spot. "I never thought that I would stay in this job for more than five years", bookstore manager karin wengerter, a graduate librarian, remembers the early days.

"In 1987 the bookshop moved into the red castle", brigitte keidel told the story of her role as cleaning lady hilde in her native dialect at the birthday party. Previously, there had been a book lending service where wine is now sold, she pointed to the town hall. "It was not that high quality back then", keidel commented. In her role as a cleaning lady, she stumbled upon new things while cleaning: for example, a reading biotope, a music chest, a computer or a high chair. "Every time wengerter was back at a seminar, there were surprises here."

Steady further development
As early as 1938, the frohsinn association had donated its book collection worth 500 reichsmarks to the town of hammelburg, wengerter had researched the history of the bookstore. The barrier for this had come from the prison administration in nurnberg: "worth five kilos of iron bills", so wengerter. After the end of the war in 1945, the library was reported to be totally damaged. All the books were either stolen or burned down.

But just one year later, there was a new start for a town library, alternating between different rooms in the town hall. In 1962, the coal cellar was converted into a bookstore and used for this purpose until 1987. In 1982, under mayor karl fell, the city council decided to move the bookstore to the red castle. On 24. October 1987 the new bookstore was opened.

"Since then we have continued to develop", according to wengerter. Groups and associations are offered a forum here. The first internet-PC existed at the end of the 90s, the own homepage since 2001. The library's main tasks include reading promotion, lifelong learning and entertainment literature. In the future, the stock will be expanded to include ebooks and bluerays, according to the team's wishes. This book team currently also includes christine reimann, sabine lober, monika schaupp, conny halbig and karin stapper.

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