Claudia kormann now manages the hospital pharmacy in kutzenberg

Claudia kormann now manages the hospital pharmacy in kutzenberg

At the age of 68, richard eichelsdorfer, the head pharmacist at the kutzenberg district hospital, retired. "Of course, he has long since passed the retirement age", joked site manager peter bader with a wink in his laudatory speech. But that’s exactly what eichelsdorfer’s connection to his responsible work at the health care facility of the district of upper franconia ( gebo) shows.

For 36 years, eichelsdorfer managed the hospital pharmacy, contributing energy, extensive knowledge and expertise to this specific field, improving, expanding and establishing business connections and contacts, thus helping to make this facility stable and fit for the future. "We started and were founded on the 1st of january. January 1983", the honored man recalled in a brief summary. "At the time, the vacant children’s hospital still had to be converted into a pharmacy with its own specific rooms."

In the meantime, there are not only prescription forms that are specially adapted to the needs of patients, but also modern "helpers": special software, for example, to detect drug errors and thus increase drug safety. The kutzenbergers are working together with many other clinics throughout upper franconia (including bayreuth, bad steben and rehau). Many acute care hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and emergency services have entrusted the kutzenberg site as a contractual partner with the care of their patients.

From the 1. July, claudia kormann will now be responsible for all this. Born in bamberg, she studied pharmacy and qualified as a pharmacist before joining the district hospital in kutzenberg in 2006. She takes over richard eichelsdorfer’s "post. The chief physicians of the individual departments and representatives of the clinic, the hospital and the administration congratulated her on this occasion after thanking richard eichelsdorfer for his remarkable commitment over the years.

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