Dfb honors josef emmert

Dfb honors josef emmert

Wolfgang niersbach, president of the german soccer association, could not have been mistaken. He had just had his governor in lower franconia, the district chairman rolf eppelein, award the DFB pin of merit to josef emmert – in recognition of many years of successful work for the sport of soccer, as it says on the accompanying certificate. Such a merit obviously also includes the ability to complete indispensable, but at the same time often perceived as burdensome, obligatory appointments in the required short time. Emmert is head of the junior division of the bavarian fubball association for lower franconia. And before it could get boring, the game group meeting he organized for the upper district leagues of the age groups U 13 to U 19 was over after just one hour.

The fact that the clubs, for which he sees himself as a service provider, are also otherwise satisfied with the 63-year-old lohrer was also confirmed this evening: under the agenda item "questions, wishes and suggestions," in which club representatives sometimes vent their anger about the association, there was no criticism of any kind.

Positive figures from the sports court

Emmert, who has served the BFV in an honorary capacity since 1993 and in his current role for the past six years, looked back on a trouble-free season. He was particularly pleased about the low number of cases in which a team did not show up for a match: this had only happened once in the district leagues, and five times the year before. In the future, a constellation like this will be rated 2:0 for the opponent – instead of x:0 as before. New is also the possibility to change the team in the junior-bezirksoberliga.

Gerhard weibenberger, the chairman of the sports court, brought figures to the meeting at the wurzburg kickers’ stadium that indicated a positive trend: his chamber dealt with 66 cases in the past season. In the previous year, there had been 77 procedures. The number of red cards in the four district leagues fell even more sharply: from 40 to 24. Nevertheless, the court also had to deal with some "bangers," as weibenberger described the particularly serious cases. A nine-month ban was imposed on a player from rhon, who is also a referee, for elbowing his opponent in the neck, causing him to lose consciousness and spend several days in hospital.

Less painful, but all the more audacious, was the action of a youth coach in the schweinfurt soccer district: in order to circumvent the suspension of a young player willing to transfer during the season, the functionary had instigated the head of the office of the losing club to certify a false note on the player’s passport. The hoax was discovered and resulted in suspensions and fines for the participants.

Junior district leagues

The season for the juniors in the district leagues from the U 13 to the U 19 begins when the summer vacations end in bavaria. Kick-off for the new round is on 15. And 16. September. The hinrunde will be on 24. As well as 25. November completed.

After four months of winter break, the teams start the second half of the season in mid march 2013. The U-19 juniors will have their last matchday on 15. And 16. June, the other age groups a week later.

There are no match schedules for the district leagues as yet, since the meeting of the bavarian and state leagues will not be held until sunday, 22 december. July, takes place in feucht, and these leagues have priority when it comes to scheduling.

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