Drunk driver commits hit-and-run in herzogenaurach

drunk driver commits hit-and-run in herzogenaurach

Saturday against 09.55 o'clock a female driver of a car from herzogenaurach drove her VW passat while maneuvering in the lidl parking lot in herzogenaurach backwards against a scooter parked there. The scooter was knocked over by the impact. The alarm alone was enough to make the woman notice the accident.

The owner of the scooter called the attention of the VW driver. Another witness also tried to stop the woman. However, she simply drove on without taking any further action, although she apparently noticed the attempts to stop the car.

Thereupon the police was arrested. When the owner's address was checked, the vehicle was found on the spot with clear signs of an accident. However, the door was not opened at the scene despite ringing and shouting. Due to the circumstances, it was suspected that the driver was not in a position to participate safely in road traffic, so the public prosecutor's office was informed of the facts of the case.

Door had to be opened by force
From there, an order was issued to enter the apartment for further investigation. The woman, who was in the apartment, was notified of the forced door opening several times. When she failed to respond, the door to her apartment had to be forcibly opened by herzogenaurach police.

The responsible driver could be found in the living room. The reason for her behavior was quickly found. A breathalyzer test carried out on the spot showed a blood alcohol level of over 2.28 per mille.

The woman was taken to the police station in herzogenaurach, where a blood sample was taken. A corresponding announcement was made. Her driver's license was confiscated. Until further notice, she is not allowed to drive any more vehicles.

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