Ebern’s new indoor swimming pool takes shape

Ebern's new indoor swimming pool takes shape

"It will not be a spa, but a school swimming pool, which can be used by families with children", peter kuhn has set himself this goal and drawn it on a plan. The architect from baur consult in habfurt presented the concept for the new indoor swimming pool building to the city council on thursday evening.

The five-million-euro project, in which the district is the developer, was presented to representatives of the schools and associations that morning. "This is a preliminary draft, but the guideline for the grant application to the government of lower franconia", said ralf rockelein from the building department in response to a question from thomas limpert (CSU) as to whether other changes were still possible?

The location is fixed. All three planning offices that had taken part in an architectural competition had chosen the meadow to the north of the secondary school as the ideal site. Baur-consult planner kuhn: "other opportunities had been lost at the old location." The solution on coburger strabe was the better variant, which also improved the townscape. A bus stop would also be possible there.

Pavilion "on the move
The artificial turf mini-pitch will be moved and for the pavilion, mayor robert herrmann envisioned the garden of the former scout home, which the city recently acquired.

Harald pascher (FDP) wanted a stricter separation between the children's area and the swimmers' area for safety reasons, but had to be told that parents cannot be released from their duty of supervision.

Spicing up the facade
Franz geub (CSU) was pleased that the pavilion and small playing field will be located outside the fenced-in area around the indoor swimming pool, which also pleased jurgen hennemann, since the DFB field will remain open, which "is a great wish from the people".

Thomas wagner (freie wahler) did not like the facade design. "I can't see what is supposed to be sustainable about it?" Oliver kroner (EAL) had wanted a little more wood.

Harald pascher wanted to know why a stainless steel pool was being planned. "This is state of the art, because a tiled pool has a huge amount of grouting. Kilometers of joints, kilometers of problems", peter kuhn stated and referred to bad experiences in the habfurt baths. Mayor herrmann explained that "we want to do something similar in our outdoor pool".

Provide eco-heating
Jurgen hennemann suggested a regenerative heating system or a combined heat and power plant as a community solution. "We should keep up with the times in terms of energy so that it becomes a showcase project."

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