Farmers’ golf with a potato at the kronach county games festival

Farmers' golf with a potato at the kronach county games festival

Eight-year-old lucy renk sits in front of a flight simulator in a decommissioned police helicopter. Concentrated, she operates the levers and when she "lands" again is, she beams over the whole face.

"Unfortunately, I crashed into trees" she says, somewhat disappointed, "but it was a lot of fun." The range of games and sports on offer at the kronach kreisspielfest once again exceeded many expectations, especially those of the younger visitors.

New sport

"You first have to think of tying a potato to a string in order to hit a ball with it", says eleven-year-old maximilian alig, who had just played a round of "farmer's golf" played.
At his funeral, andy fischer of the district youth council was particularly pleased with the "lively youth work that is alive and well." For the first time this year, there was a tour of all the participating associations and institutions before the event began.

And the rush was rough. One magnet was the bobby car course, which the children had to drive through wearing noise goggles. Madeleine and fabian (seven and five years old) had tried, but small difficulties were already apparent in the beginning. Spab had the two nevertheless, they assured at the end.

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