Fished up: the magic of the sky pond “katrin i.”

Fished up: the magic of the sky pond 'katrin i.'

Somehow the himmelsweiher "katrin I." To have been given a spell at his naming ceremony. He is always in the spotlight when feathered guests visit our carp country aischgrund. Whether they are canada or nile geese, gray or silver herons or other water fowl: they land at scheubel’s himmelsweiher in hochstadt-sud with the honorary name of katrin uano, that industrious carp queen of past years. Or did the name-giver herself perform that magic, when she supported the "harvesters" at the annual carp harvest of the scheubels? The "harvesters"? Who can say …

On monday afternoon, in any case, almost 20 black storks visited the pond in question. This was already a special rarity. The stork’s father edmund lenz, who was quickly summoned, positioned himself at an appropriate distance on the meadow with his optical recording technology and studied the event very closely. But also the female storks, who meanwhile call this pond their "bathing pond" use, took note of what was happening. The grey and silver herons, who have grown fond of this pond, also became curious.

Female and black storks first met each other in a "have-at-each-other" pose, while the herons watched the whole thing from an appropriate distance. A kestrel stood for a long time above the pond in the air, but soon turned away disinterested to devote himself to his hunting habits on the meadows around the pond.

Storender motor alarm

The quiet and tranquil atmosphere was interrupted by a not very careful motor scooterist. He would have preferred to go directly to the pond to photograph the black storks. Perhaps he thought it was like a "petting zoo". The black and female storks misunderstood the action and took off (not least to the annoyance of the stork’s father, who saw his behavioral research interrupted).

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