Free wifi in future for all ice passengers

Free wifi in future for all ice passengers

As of sunday, deutsche bahn will offer all ICE passengers free internet access in second class as well.

Data exchange via a local wireless network (WLAN) in the car is to be significantly more stable and powerful than before, the company announced. The rebuilding of the cars and the preparation were completed on schedule by the end of the year, said a railroad spokeswoman.

Second-class passengers receive a data volume of 200 megabytes (MB) per day. By this limit, the transmission speed should be just under one megabit per second. After that, the data rate will be throttled. For first-class customers, the data volume is not limited.

Deutsche bahn has equipped the radio networks in the cars of its 250 or so ICE trains with state-of-the-art technology. All mobile radio networks on a railroad line are used in the process. The control system accesses the fastest networks (LTE, UMTS) in each case and can bundle the capacities of several network operators. Only the telekom network has been tapped so far.

According to the railroad, there are still gaps in the network coverage of the three mobile communications providers on 15 percent of the ICE routes. In practice, it remains to be seen how often the internet connection will wear out, especially when the trains are full and up to 800 passengers have to share the available data volume.

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