Friday questions: a year as siedler queen comes to an end

Friday questions: a year as siedler queen comes to an end

The siedler-kerm in kitzingen starts this weekend with a four-day program. Ina semmler (19) looks forward to the upcoming appointment with one eye crying and one eye laughing. For it will be your last appearance as reigning settler queen. After one year in office, the trained businesswoman for office management hands over the crown to her successor. We talked to her about it in advance.

Question: your term of office ends next weekend. Are you a little sad about it?

Ina semmler: when it blob a little ware. You can’t describe it, I am very sad and I will miss the time very much.

What was the most beautiful experience for you in the year as a settler queen??

Semmler: that is a difficult question. To be honest, I liked every event.

What made the appointments so great for you??

Semmler: because you are so well received and also appreciated. And I also enjoyed being with the other princesses very much.

Was there ever a not-so-pretty experience??

Semmler: well, it wasn’t an experience, but of course, one or the other look goes a little deeper, depending on what you’re wearing. But this is part of it.

But you must have known that beforehand …

Semmler: exactly. You can see that beforehand.

Many may not imagine what her duties were as settler queen.

Semmler: one of my tasks was to represent kitzingen and the settlement as a representative person. But from time to time, serving wine was also part of it.

How time-consuming was your office? How often were you in action?

Semmler: since the crowning last august i have had only a few weekends off in total. Actually, there was something almost every weekend, even if it was only a short appointment.

What would you pass on to your successor??

Semmler: to take every single appointment with you – and enjoy it! And take lots of pictures.

How do you go on now??

Semmler: even though i am no longer in office, i am still invited to appointments and wine festivals.

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