From the railroad in the aurach valley

Bernhard panzer once again, the city council faces a long agenda. In its public meeting next wednesday at 6 p.M. In the clubhouse, the debate about the aurachtal railroad was already a source of controversy.

Already discussed in the planning committee, the city council is now to decide how to proceed and appoint an office to support the city administration in this process. The aim is to prepare a feasibility study and draw up the award guidelines for it. The study should then clarify whether reactivation of the line in the aurach valley would be feasible and economically viable at all.

Already in the committee, the CSU criticized that mayor hacker wanted to make this assessment dependent on the stadt-umland-bahn (stub), since this was the basis of all considerations in herzogenaurach and the free state would clearly prefer a stub. The CSU wants a route assessment in the aurach valley, but detached from other considerations.

And then there was another point that caused a lot of discussion: should the reactivation be considered as far as erlangen-bruck or as far as the main station?? Advocates of an aurachtal railroad see a halt to the investigation only as far as bruck as torpedoing reactivation. The aurachtalbahn has always run as far as the erlangen train station, BI representative william borkenstein made clear after the planning committee meeting (see also letter to the editor on this page).

Expensive clear sludge

The agenda for the public part of the meeting includes eleven items. Among other things, a global calculation for the sewer production contributions will become due. This takes place every ten years and relates exclusively to changes in the floor area. So whoever builds new or adds to existing buildings, etc., for which this fee will fall. Whose high has not been changed otherwise. This has nothing to do with the annual sewage fee.

One point in the meeting that is causing some headaches is the clear sludge disposal. Since the decision to burn clear sludge instead of spreading it on the fields, the city has incurred high costs every year. Now it is to be put out to tender for another two years, at a cost of more than half a million euros.

For mayor german hacker (SPD), this is a reason to rethink the future course of action. "We are looking for a more efficient method", hacker said in the run-up to the meeting. An engineering firm is already working on the project. The current award is nevertheless necessary.

Awards are cancelled

The herzogenaurach clarification plant produces around 1,800 metric tons of dewatered clarified sludge per year, which is "thermally recycled" will be. However, the situation on the market has changed drastically as a result of the new ordinance on fertilizers, according to an explanation of the meeting. "The costs practically exploded."

Two other items on the agenda are rather unusual: the awarding of contracts for sewer tree inspections must be cancelled. Reason: there was only one bid in each case. In the kantstrabe this was even 42 percent above the cost calculation. For the administration, this is clearly too high, which is why a new invitation to tender is to be issued. The same applies to a stichstrabe to the sandstrabe and the linden path.

What happened to the letter?

At the end of the eleven-point meeting, there was one question. The mayor should explain whether he has signed a letter that the alliance against the right handed him at a recent rally. It was about the refugees from moria.

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