From the vernissage to the opera evening

From the vernissage to the opera evening

When the piano gallery pohlmann opened its doors for the first time almost two years ago in a former factory building on bahnhofstrabe in lanzendorf, piano master reinhold pohlmann certainly didn’t know quite where the "journey" would take him goes to. Today he states: "I must say I am very satisfied. In 2016, when I dared to take the step, it was already somewhat pre-sketched, but how it is developing now, that actually amazes, I must say."

For pohlmann not only repairs and maintains pianos in the gallery, it has itself become a place of art, as the winter art weeks now taking place demonstrate. The master piano builder sees the reason for this in his reliable work: "there is a lot of precision on my part." And if you do a good job, the word will get around. In addition, a piano, like a car, must always be given into the hands of an expert. For pohlmann, word-of-mouth advertising is especially important: "for me, this is the door opener for the next household where music is being played or where there is a desire for a piano." He gets around a lot, in the coburg and bamberger area as well as in erlangen, the northern upper palatinate, the fichtegebirge and of course bayreuth and kulmbach as focal points.

Today, according to pohlmann, the piano gallery has long become a fashionable place for instruments in need of overhaul or repair. Parallel to the work in the piano gallery, various concerts also developed or – as now – the concert on sunday, 3. February, beginning winter art weeks. The piano-gallery has long become a "stell-dich-ein" as well for many artists.

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