Fubball jolts together: signal effect through salary waiver

Fubball jolts together: signal effect through salary waiver

Borussia monchengladbach led the way, with numerous bundesliga soccer clubs following suit: players, coaches and leading employees at many clubs are now foregoing part of their salaries because of the financial consequences of the coronavirus crisis. An overview:

FC BAYERN munich: the stars and managers of FC bayern waive 20 percent of their owners’ fees. "We professional soccer players are a particularly privileged professional group for whom it is a matter of course to make financial sacrifices when there is a need," captain manuel neuer told the daily newspapers "tz" and "munchner merkur. The takeover is also intended to avoid imminent disadvantages for the employees of the german record champion. FC bayern is the financially strongest bundesliga club. In the past double season, the munich-based company reported sales of 750.4 million euros for the group as a whole. FC bayern munchen AG’s personnel expenses amounted to 336.2 million euros.

BORUSSIA DORTMUND: thanks to the willingness of the professionals to forego part of their salaries, BVB saves a double-digit million amount, according to its own statements. This sum will "help to secure and protect BVB as one of dortmund’s major employers during the corona crisis," according to a statement by the second-placed team in the league table. Also "the responsible persons of the club as well as the coaching staff" joined the saving measures. Managing director hans-joachim watzke sees the waiver "as a valuable sign of solidarity both with the club and with our 850 employees".

RB LEIPZIG: national player marcel halstenberg supports a relief action by colleagues in the corona crisis – and was also prepared to take further steps. "Clearly, i was going to give up my salary to support employees of the association, if it comes to such a severe crisis," said the defender "bild.De". The RB pro said he will support the relief action of leon goretzka and joshua kimmich #wekickcorona with a donation. Also his teammate lukas klostermann supports the action.

BORUSSIA monchengladbach: sporting director max eberl is pleased about the willingness of the professional team to forego salary if it can help the club and its employees. "I’m very proud of the boys," eberl explained. He saw this step as a clear signal and added: "we stand together for borussia, for better or for worse. They want to give something back to borussia and thus also to all the fans who support us. The coaching staff has joined in, as have our directors and managing directors."

FC SCHALKE 04: especially after the poor annual balance sheet 2019 with a deficit of 26.1 million euros, the topic of voluntary salary waiver quickly became topical. The team council signaled that it would agree to cuts of up to 30 percent. The coaching team around david wagner and the three-member board with alexander jobst, peter peters and jochen schneider are also prepared to make cuts. But nothing has been decided yet.

BAYER LEVERKUSEN: management and players are prepared to forego salaries in view of the corona crisis, according to sports managing director rudi voller. On monday, fuller spoke with captain lars bender about it. "We are thinking about it and so are the players, lars has given me the signal. Everyone is called upon to help their own club. Everyone has to do their part – and that also applies to the people in charge, of course," voller told bild.

VFL WOLFSBURG: at vfl wolfsburg, the sporting directors are discussing the issue with the team and the team council. A decision has not yet been made.

SC FREIBURG: at SC freiburg, no decision has yet been made on a salary waiver for the professionals. This point is being discussed internally, said a spokesman for the club.

TSG 1899 HOFFENHEIM: according to sporting director alexander rosen, salary sacrifice is not an issue at present; the club considers itself to be in a good financial position for the crisis. Players and mazen dietmar hopp participate in TSG’s aid fund, according to club sources.

1. FC koln: according to managing director alexander wehrle, the koln pros are willing to give up part of their salaries. "Every club has to find its own way, but we have responsible guys with us who are aware of the seriousness of the situation. They are aware of their privileged position. I got to know our players in such a way that they were prepared to make their contribution if the worst came to the worst," said wehrle. Talks he announced "in due course".

UNION BERLIN: the professionals of the 1. FC union berlin waive salary like the coaching team and employees. "This willingness can’t be credited highly enough to all those involved," said president dirk zingler. "We will master the challenges of the next few months as a club, and the best way to do that is to show solidarity within the union family."The team of the license player department explained itself thereby to a salary renouncement ready. Managers and staff agreed to short-time working arrangements, which also means reduced revenue.

EINTRACHT FRANKFURT: sports director fredi bobic does not want to let himself be driven by the issue. The hessians want to investigate first, how gross the not yet foreseeable financial damage will be in the end. "I believe that everyone will do their bit for us, too," bobic said recently. "The players themselves have already sent out positive signals."

HERTHA BSC: the berlin club also discusses salary sacrifice. There have been internal discussions about it, said sports director michael preetz recently. "In the end, everyone at hertha BSC will certainly make a contribution so that we, as a club and a community, can get through this crisis together." The club takes several financial measures in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In addition to a travel and contact freeze, there is also an "investment and spending freeze," reported financial director ingo schiller. There have been vacations until 3. April ordered.

FC AUGSBURG: no concrete decisions have been made on this issue yet. Manager stefan reuter had explained, however, that a waiver "must not be a no-go". All those involved wanted german soccer to continue after corona. "Everyone will make their contribution when the exact figures are on the table," said reuter recently.

FSV MAINZ 05: from the sporting management to the professionals to the trainers and coaches, everyone in the club will forego part of their salary. There is an "unbelievably high level of solidarity," said sports director rouven schroder. "When we talked about it in the crew council, it was not an issue of not giving up salary. That was a really nice sign."Even employees who do not belong to the coarse earners, such as the jockey, participate in the savings measures.

FORTUNA dusseldorf: the bundesliga third-last-place team wants to counter the financial consequences of the corona crisis with a package of measures. The professionals should also participate. One way is "of course that we approach the licensed players and talk about bonuses and keepers – with a clear concept and ideas that are appropriate and won’t overburden the players," chief executive thomas rottgermann told "bild.". According to media reports, the waiver is 20 percent.

WERDER BREMEN: the professionals and managers of werder have offered the club a voluntary salary waiver. "The team council approached us proactively," sports manager frank baumann said on monday evening. "We have players who absolutely identify with werder, the staff and the fans – especially in difficult times. That’s why everyone can assume that the players, coaching team and management will set a good example and support the club and, above all, the employees."

SC PADERBORN: there are no concrete measures regarding the salary waiver yet, but they are being discussed. "Of course it’s also an issue with us," said defender luca kilian, who was infected with the coronavirus. "Our team council is currently in talks with the sporting management. I don’t think that should be a problem."

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