Funny science in the cabaret board

Funny science in the cabaret board

Especially the younger visitors looked unbelievable when he blew out candles with guitar sound waves or held a ball in the air in exactly the position he wanted with the help of a leaf vacuum cleaner.

The sound waves and the beer
It became a wet affair for those who were sitting close to the stage, when he loved to push beer out of two bottles by means of sound waves fontane-like. Hair precise he explained thereby mostly, why which effects why arise.

Of course he did not reveal all his tricks. So a boy had to draw a card from a purely imaginary deck of cards, which another visitor had previously shuffled on stage in the tradition of air guitar playing, and memorize it. You could see the surprise on the boy's face when konrad stockel presented him with exactly the card he had made up from a real card game.

Nitrogen makes ice cream
A highlight was when konrad stockel made ice cream on the stage with the help of nitrogen and with the support of nils, whom he had previously unceremoniously promoted to honorary fireman. The children love to taste this during the break.

The audience also liked the films made by stockel, in which he presented, for example, inventions that make public transport easier to use.

The audience was entertained when konrad stockel brought eight-year-old fanny eichner onto the stage, put a coat on her, slipped his hands into it and put a magic hat on her with it or it confetti rain dear, whereby it looked, as if she became it with her plotzlich much too coarse hands itself. "When I realized what he was doing, I had to laugh out loud", little fanny said after her rough performance.

The matter of the hose
The funniest thing for her was when her five-year-old brother finian struggled in vain to inflate a plastic tube on the stage. Konrad stockel managed this without any problems with the help of the bernoulli effect, which he also explained.

Not only fanny, but also the other children fall in love after an extremely entertaining performance with happy faces the kleinkunst-brettla in untersteinach .

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