Golden times on the green turf

Golden times on the green turf

Two soccer clubs from kulmbach in the 3. League – yes, there really was. "But that will never come back, says jurgen "lui" hofmann, who himself experienced these golden times on the grassy turf. At the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties, TSV trebgast (1977 to 1981) and ATS kulmbach (1974 to 1982) played together in the bavarian league. "Lui" hofmann was a left-winger at the ATS. He remembers: "the number of spectators was unimaginable compared to today. 3200 spectators came to georg hagen stadium for the derby against trebgast." The home of the ATS in mittelau, inaugurated in 1949, had to make way for the expansion of the EKU brewery in 1987, and the ATS rebuilt on the grunen wiese in the weiher district of town. What "lui" hofmann still regrets today: "the loyal spectators from the city did not move with us back then. This also contributed to the downfall of the ATS soccer department." He believes that a merger with tsv 08 and the construction of a new stadium in katzbachtal would have been better for kulmbach soccer. "But unfortunately TSV 08 refused", says hofmann, who also worked for the "nullachter" for many years and was promoted to the national league with them in 1975. Later, hofmann returned to his hometown club ats, for which he played one more season in the bavarian league.

Even if soldner and wandervogel were still in the absolute minority among the footballers at that time – high class football without "money" was unthinkable even then. ATS owed the bavarian league to good youth work, but above all to football enthusiasts like manfred eckardt, heinz ritter and hans ellner. "There were already a few marks at that time, but they were also lured with jobs with the sponsors," recalls moos, says hofmann.

Mazen makes it possible

TSV trebgast, which at that time had a population of only 1200, also owes its best and probably never to be repeated glory days to a mazen with a penchant for soccer. Swimwear manufacturer peter oehme (solar) had plants first in trebgast and later in bindlach. "Our chairman at the time, heinz beck, was an authorized signatory of the solar company," he says, says hans-jurgen "charly" moos, who 42 years ago sensationally promoted TSV trebgast to the bavarian league. "We were the peasants everywhere, all the opponents asked where our farm was located", smiles moos. As captain, he played a major role in the TSV’s three promotions within six years, from the A-class through the district league and the state league to the highest amateur division. "The ouand was not without. We all worked, but trained three or four times a week", says the 71-year-old. Particularly remembered are moos a respectable 2:2 in the 1980/81 season against the "rough" FC schweinfurt 05 or a 2:0 victory at the amateurs of FC bayern munchen with walter junghans in goal. When the "little bavarians for the first time in trebgast – still on the old main field – also the late world champion klaus augenthaler was playing. "He was terribly upset about our field", recalls moos. Today’s bundesliga team FC augsburg was also an opponent of TSV.

2000 spectators at the derby

Although the company solar turned off the money tap more and more, TSV trebgast stayed in the bavarian league for another twelve years after relegation in 1981 (defeat in relegation against TSV schwaben augsburg). 2000 spectators as for the derby against the ATS had the trebgaster no longer, but still several hundred. "Such golden times can and will not exist again at TSV trebgast", moos is sure – and even in the large district town of kulmbach the paint has long since come off. When the ATS on saturday the SV ramsenthal in the basement duel of the district league with 2-0 defeated, one paid just 70 spectators.

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