Good things happening at the animal shelter festival in kulmbach

Good things happening at the animal shelter festival in kulmbach

Wolfgang hain is satisfied on sunday afternoon: the chairman of the animal protection association speaks of a very good attendance at the kulmbach animal shelter festival, which took place over the weekend.

Although the weather on saturday was anything but good, the turnover was better than last year, the chairman explained.

Games corner set up

The event attracted around 1000 visitors to heinersreuth on saturday and sunday. The visitors listened to the music of "the traveling man" with beer, bratwursts and blaugsudna (saturday) and the band "new sound (sunday). They bought loose items for the raffle or stumbled on the flea market.

For the little guests a play corner was set up with a wheel of fortune, can and horseshoe throwing as well as a bouncy castle.

On sunday, a magician came to amaze the audience with his magic tricks.

"Animals are not taught at the festival, emphasizes chairman wolfgang hain. Because the many visitors and the associated hustle and bustle were a challenge for dogs, cats& co. Already enough stress mean.

"Even dogs will be housed by volunteers during the festival", explains grove. An event like this is not the right setting for a placement anyway.

"It takes time and rest", he says and advises interested parties to make an appointment during the week. Then you can look for the right four-legged friend at your leisure.

The animal shelter and the animal protection association are also grateful for every volunteer, emphasizes hain and thanks everyone for their support not only at the animal shelter festival – for baking the cakes, for setting up and taking down the seating and much more. "Helpers are always wanted, says wolfgang hain.

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