Grievances at hallstadt schools

grievances at hallstadt schools

Hallstadt is in turmoil: the principal of the elementary school, heinz jung, has filed a complaint with the district administration against mayor thomas soder (CSU). The accusations of principal heinz jung weigh heavily. Due to his "inadequate exchange of information with the school administration and the partly untruthful presentation of facts," jung states in his letter violate soder's official duties, according to jung. Soders behavior endangers to a high degree the safety of the schoolchildren and persons who travel in the two schoolhouses hallstadt and dorfleins.

The complete letter to the district administration is available to the editorial office. District office press spokesman frank fortsch confirms to the FT the receipt of the complaint. It is currently being audited. Only in the case of violation of the law, the legal supervision can take action.

According to the letter from the principal, which was received not only by the authorities but also by the teaching staff and the town councillors, the complaint relates to dangerous situations in both school buildings. Heavily abbreviated, jung had communicated grievances but received no response. This began in 2016 and ended in october of last year, when a blind fell down at the emergency exit of the small school gymnasium while a blood donation was taking place inside. "There could have been several serious injuries or even deaths", jung states in his letter. In dorfleins also twice lamps fell from the ceiling.

Problem: communication

In general, jung complains in his letter that dangerous situations have repeatedly arisen due to a lack of willingness to communicate. He didn't want to tell the FT that he was the head of the school, only that he was a member of the district council, and as such he states that it was rare for a head of a school to see the need to file an official supervision complaint against soder. "But this also illustrates the explosive nature of the situation."

The mayor soder does not see this and reacts with incomprehension to the service supervision complaint. "I am surprised that this is the way to go." At the same time, he makes it clear: "the schoolhouse residents are safe." For this there is a safety check every five years and also an annual safety audit. The protocols have been worked through, deficiencies corrected. Soder notes: "the school buildings are in good condition, especially the one in hallstadt." And: "every wish of the school will be fulfilled." To jung's criticism of communications, he responds that city-owned properties fall under the purview of the chamberlain and the professional staff. As mayor, he could not confirm every action taken. He regrets the second fallen lamp in dorfleins. The replacement of all lamps had been scheduled for a few days later and during the vacations. The fact that jung wanted to evacuate the schoolhouse for three days, he had thought to be right.

Safety rough topic

Parent council chairwoman katharina brendel confirms to the FT: "safety is a big issue with us." And also: "I personally have the impression that jung and soder have a problem with each other."

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