Joyful, noisy jubilee celebration

joyful, noisy jubilee celebration

Childcare has been a priority in bad rodach for decades. That this is not just a lip service was demonstrated last saturday by the city’s day care center for children "marienkafer" which was opened 50 years ago.

Language diversity

With a joyful celebration, which was dominated by the children of the day care center, in addition to the usual speeches, they celebrated "in a rough frame" the special anniversary. In several languages – besides german, including russian, bulgarian, turkish, persian and bosnian, and the world language english – the head of the facility, heike werner, buried the numerous guests in the gerold strobel hall, thus documenting the diversity of nationalities represented in the daycare facility. She pointed out that she and her team saw it as the most important task to treat the children in the funfgruppigen facility with respect and love. It is important to give the children space to play, to have fun and also to make mistakes. "We stand for giving the children entrusted to us an open heart that also understands them", emphasized heike werner. It made no secret of the fact that the demands on day care centers had changed enormously in recent years. More and more, the institution must fulfill the task of helping parents balance work and family life.

1847 "day care center"

Bad rodach’s mayor tobias ehrlicher (SPD) recalled that childcare has a long tradition in the spa town and reported on the past: the first childcare facility was then called "kleinkinder-bewahranstalt" and was opened on the initiative of the then superintendent theodor draeseke on 1 april 1847. April 1847 opened. The successor to this facility was established in 1899 in the jagerhaus at the schlossplatz. The rodach children were cared for there until 1945. But the building was completely destroyed by war events. The girls and boys then found a new place to stay in the former "strecker garden house" (today’s social station of the red cross). "Two kindergarten teachers took care of 90 children in a very confined space", paid tobias ehrlicher. The mayor continued: "despite this space constraint, it took until 1969 before the children could move to the new kindergarten in marienstrabe."

Ehrlicher recalled that in 1985 the building had to be expanded for 775,000 marks due to the increasing number of children. At that time, the city received a grant of 189,000 marks.

For him, the pedagogical and nursing staff, who give the children important support in the first years of their lives and make their start in life easier, are in the first place, the mayor emphasized. He therefore not only paid his utmost respect to today’s 15 employees in the day care center, but also included in his praise all those who have contributed to the positive development of the children over the past decades. Ehrlicher: "all parents can be assured that the well-being of the children entrusted to them is very important to all of them."

The increasing demand for nursery places was also noted in the "marienkafer" traceable. The gymnasium had to be converted (once again) into a kindergarten group. Ehrlicher made it clear that this was not intended to be a permanent situation, but that the city was considering dissolving this fifth group and taking care of the girls and boys elsewhere. District administrator sebastian straubel (CSU/landvolk) emphasized that all municipalities in the district of coburg do a great deal for childcare. He thanked all the employees for their efforts with the words: "you care about our future."

When the digging ended, the children were on the train and delighted their guests with dancing, music and singing. The successful afternoon was rounded off by children’s magician "markus" and the children’s songwriter "beaver from.

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