Matthias dusel wants to become sulzfeld mayor

Matthias dusel wants to become sulzfeld mayor

After 36 years as mayor, gerhard schenkel from the sulzfeld municipal list (SKL) will not be running again in next year’s municipal elections. His successor is mathias dusel from SKL.

"We are convinced that he is the right one", this is how gerhard schenkel reflects the opinion in skl. Dusel is running against wolfgang patzwahl, who has already been nominated by the wahlergemeinschaft pro sulzfeld (WPS)

"We have a mayoral candidate who will seize sulzfeld’s opportunities and unite the people", it reads in a SKL release to the press. Matthias dusel has many years of experience in politics, administration and voluntary work and is a specialist in marketing. The 51-year-old was born in winterhausen, graduated from high school in marktbreit and then studied in wurzburg. After german reunification, the candidate, who has lived in sulzfeld for some time, moved to south thuringia and then to the state capital of erfurt, where he worked in several ministries and advised ministers in responsible positions, both professionally and politically. For the past 15 years, he has worked as a marketing and sales expert for AOK erfurt. "In addition to all the topics of marketing, i have internalized social competence, working in projects, systemic thinking", matthias dusel is quoted in the press release.

"There are ditches in the village and they must be removed. The last municipal election was perhaps not entirely innocent", it says in the SKL message further. It is now about a fair competition and the best ideas for the people of sulzfeld after the election. The SKL sees itself renewed and with fresh wind and it will presumably take place on the 9th of september. December nominate the mayoral candidate and the council list.

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