Michael johnson on racism: eradicating resentment

michael johnson on racism: eradicating resentment

"My main concern is that the whole discussion will now only be about personal racism," said four-time olympic champion "laureus" michael johnson.Com".

The 52-year-old american stressed that it is important to eradicate the resentment of small groups women racists against black people. The biggest problem, however, is "that there is a system that supports something like this. Allowing people to have such an attitude and feel comfortable with it."

Johnson criticized the inequality even in institutions that leads a female police officer to believe he can assault or even kill a black person without fearing consequences. It was also about the fact that companies were selling their products to black people but did not have any dark-skinned people on their boards.

"People go to the streets because the system in this country promises fairness and equality for everyone and the american dream that everyone can achieve something. But in reality, this system is not made for equality for everyone," said johnson. "The system was built by white people for white people at a time when black people were not considered equal, and it still exists."

Johnson, who dominated 200- and 400-meter track and field in the 1990s and was world champion four times in a row, looked ahead to the 2028 olympics in los angeles: "I can only hope that things will either have changed significantly by then, or that we’ll still be talking about it and perceiving it as a problem, as we are now."

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