No pigeon shooting in the old town

No pigeon shooting in the old town

Once again with an appeal to reason, the obernbreiter rate want to solve the parking situation in the intersection breitbach-/schwarzenberger strabe, which is a bit tense at times. The topic was addressed in the burgers’ meeting. The proposal by mayor bernhard bruckner to set up a one-hour short-term parking zone there met with little approval from the councilors, because monitoring has not been clarified. "I threw it around once, but I don’t have to have it", said bruckner to his proposal, which was then transformed into an information in the newsletter.

Besides the appeal to the versch

Bruckner wanted to solve another topic of the castle meeting, the many wild pigeons in the old town, by a shooting permit. At a site visit, the health department found that there are only about 45 pigeons mainly on the roof of the town hall. A health hazard due to pigeon droppings could not be determined, so the authority was against a pigeon permit. The veterinary office also sees no improvement in the shooting of some pigeons. It advises rather to a pigeon loft, which becomes after short habitation main residence of the birds. There then a reduction of the animals could be reached purposefully by egg exchange medium-term.

TSV obernbreit celebrates its 125th anniversary next year. To celebrate, a youth disco and a solstice bonfire with a hike are planned. Alliance manager bastian lange is to be asked by which measures the citizens of the other ILE communities can be recruited to participate.

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