Nuclear weapons are not a means to a peaceful world

About the interview "the americans are convinced that germany has to move" from the 31.07: defense secretary thomas silberhorn, one of the two bamberger mdbs, was in washington for talks and talked about it to the FT-editors. Not surprisingly, he represents the very reluctant german government policy toward unabashed trump demands to increase the german military budget by 20 to 30 billion euros to 2 percent of gross domestic product. Since 2014, germany has already increased its military spending by 45 percent to 45.2 billion euros! But that’s not enough for trump, and that’s why he wants to "teach germany a lesson (silberhorn) and withdraw some 12,000 U.S. Troops, u.A. After italy and belgium, which also failed to meet the 2 percent gdp target, which silberhorn did not mention.

Likewise, the deputy fails to point out the questionability of trump’s 2 percent demand in the matter. It also remains undreamed of that nato military expenditures are around 15 times higher than those of russia, the assumed main aggressor. Why should this not be enough?

Instead, the bamberg deputy backs the defense minister’s plan to buy 45 U.S. F18 fighter jets from blackmailer trump for many billions of dollars. With this, the "nuclear share of germany will be strengthened, d.H. In the event of war, the transport of U.S. Nuclear bombs stored in germany on german aircraft. In 2010, the german parliament almost unanimously wanted to do without these nuclear weapons, also on the basis of the treaty obligation not to possess nuclear weapons. In this context, mr. Silberhorn should seriously consider the fundamental question of the justification of the concept of nuclear deterrence. Because apart from the gross risks of this concept for the survival of mankind, the changing times have to be taken into account and conventional thinking has to be checked (also by the question posed by the editor!).

Today, exactly 75 years after hiroshima and nagasaki, are we not facing new and enormous problems, such as the climate catastrophe, for which the whole of humanity must cooperate and use all its powers?? Can we threaten each other with nuclear weapons and at the same time save human life on earth together?? A large majority of UN states have already agreed to a ban on nuclear weapons in 2017. The nuclear-weapon states and also germany do not sign it, but "modernize" it their nuclear weapons, d.H. They ruffle them with a lot of money. This can not be the way to a peaceful and "healthy" being the world!

Gunter winkler


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