Poor prospects for new assault rifle ban in the usa

poor prospects for new assault rifle ban in the usa

There are not enough supporters for such a rule in the upper house of the washington congress. Even in his own party there are many opponents.

With this, obama will probably have to write off his demand for a "sensibly designed" ban on such assault weapons. It was part of his initiative after the rampage at a school in newtown (connecticut), where an assassin shot 20 children and six adults with an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle in december. A nationwide ban on certain rapid-fire weapons automatically expired in 2004 after ten years.

Other restrictions demanded by obama could still make it into law. These include extensive screening of gun buyers, a maximum limit on the number of cartridges per magazine and measures to combat illegal arms trafficking. After the senate, the house of representatives also had to pass the bill. There, the republicans have the majority, who reject obama’s push for stricter gun laws.

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