President gauck by queen elizabeth ii. Received

president gauck by queen elizabeth ii. Received

Together with his partner daniela schadt, the german president was received by the queen and her husband prince philip at the portal of buckingham palace. Afterwards, the meeting continued indoors with a lunch and working talks.

One of the topics to be discussed is the german-british relationship. The british royal family has german roots. The queen’s great-grandfather, prince albert, was german. Until 1917, the british royal family was called saxony-coburg-gotha, before it was renamed windsor for political reasons.

In his eight months in office, gauck (72) is in london for the third time. At the start of the olympic games, he was also received by the queen along with about 100 other heads of state. At the subsequent paralympics for disabled athletes, gauck met members of the german team, as he had at the olympics.

After his visit to the queen, gauck met with representatives of british politics and society for an hour-long exchange of views at the invitation of the german embassy in london. This should also be about the common path of both countries in the EU. Germany currently striving for greater integration in europe. In great britain, euro-critical tendencies are growing louder, calling for the island state to leave the european union or at least advocating a special british path.

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