Richard roblee enthralled the audience with his music in habfurt

Richard roblee enthralled the audience with his music in habfurt

It all started with him eight years ago, and since then the trombonist and singer richard roblee has graced the habfurt cultural office live in the "jazz times different" series about every two years. At his fourth concert under the motto "richard roblee swings again together with hubert winter (saxophone), bernhard pichl (piano), felix wiegand (bass) and paul hochstadter (drums) he was in the best of moods and received a lot of applause and bravos from the audience.

Richard roblee, who comes from seattle /USA and has played and sung in the local symphony orchestra, the honolulu symphony orchestra and the del courtney big band, among others, came to germany in 1988, where he has since devoted himself primarily to church music. He composes and writes arrangements, gives workshops, plays in his "verylitllebigband" and was professor for jazz and big band at the university of music in wurzburg from 2003 to 2009. As such he remarked mischievously in habfurt: "it is a great pleasure to be here again, with such great musicians. They were once my students and today they are full blooded musicians." They all work as teachers, play in various formations, compose and arrange, and each enjoys an outstanding reputation on their instrument.

Together they performed many compositions by richard roblee, such as "are you ready??", "chirpy" and "down home", but also the stalwart "bernie’s tune" by bernie miller "perdido" by juan tizol",S wonderful" by george gershwin and the traditional "green sleeves" to obey. In between, the musicians fascinated the audience with the advent song "wir sagen euch an den ersten advent" and the luther song "aus tiefer not schrei ich zu dir" (out of deep distress i cry to you), arranged in the blues style of richard roblee.

The trombonist and singer led the audience through the program, told them about the genesis of the pieces and loved to let them know that his song "let me tell you" inspired them part of his philosophy of life is: "be nice to yourself". When you give love, you get love – that’s why we are on earth."

It is also interesting that the vacation that he likes to spend with his wife in andalucia in spain, led him to the samba "on the beach at rota" inspired. For the sake of his wife, he has also written the song "I finally got it" composed.

Richard roblee once again proved to be the master of "swing. He has a particularly warm tone on his trombone, and it seems as if he has merged with his instrument and is "singing" along with it. Especially in the second set he was on top form and enchanted his listeners with his melodious improvisations. Even though he and hubert winter on tenor saxophone opened each piece with a unison sound or a two-part introduction of the melody, all the musicians then fascinated the audience with their modulations and improvisations of the theme. "Light-handed" and playful bernhard pichl took up the melodies, varied them sometimes with pearly runs, sometimes with single striking chords, rhythmized them and knew how to pick up the respective mood wonderfully. "Simply brilliant", as many a listener commented on his playing. The bassist felix wiegand captivated the audience with his extremely varied and elegant playing, in which he gave free rein to his "fabulierlust" free run dear. Rough pace, groove and free interpretation also characterize drummer paul hochstadter, whose energetic and impressive playing was not only rhythmically pragnant, but also very versatile in terms of timbre and formed the basis for the quintet’s driving sound. Hubert winter’s solo parts were also outstanding; his eloquence, virtuosity and coarse musicianship won the audience great admiration.

With reference to the next two concerts in the series "jazz mal anders" (jazz with a difference) on 3. February 2018 with sanger silke straub under the title "swing – tanzen verboten – jazz in der zeit des nationalsozialismus" (swing – dancing forbidden – jazz in the time of national socialism) and on 25. March 2018 with the vibraphonist tizian joost the quintet said good-bye. For the frenetic applause, the musicians thanked the audience with a wish for peace, respectively with the song "peace by horace silver.

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