Satisfied with the allianz work

Ruth albrecht, a member of the seinsheim municipal council, expressed her delight at "the fruits that the alliance is now bearing" at the municipal council meeting on monday evening, after alliance manager claudia hebert had presented the latest developments in the alliance 7/22 southeast.

The municipality of seinsheim had already benefited from one project, because the intermunicipal archivist julia halbleib was already working in the seinsheim archives. Cooperation between the building yards in the alliance communities has also begun, reported claudia hebert. According to ruth albrecht, this was already a topic at the first meeting in klosterlangheim.

Stephan jamm suggested a joint alliance festival that could take place alternately in the seven communities. Hebert is aware of such from other alliances. For example, they dock themselves at a festival with their own additional activities.

Further topics in the community council:

The majority of the council followed the wish of the evangelical church community of wasserndorf that the community also mow the church grounds in front of the church together with the community grounds. The flat area behind the church is already being mowed by others, explained stephan jamm. After a short discussion, in which the money of the churches, but also of substantially smaller means with the respective church municipalities was just as much the speech, as of equal treatment, since also the flat with the youth home in seinsheim is made by the municipality, all were finally except a council member for it.

Mowing and mulching was also the topic of hubert ruttinger’s talk. Iffigheimer burger criticized the fact that communal ground surfaces were mowed and mulched, although this is now not allowed at all. There was also spraying, he claimed, which mayor heinz dorsch could not imagine. The people entrusted by the municipality with the care of the land knew what had to be done, said dorsch, who took up the hints, however, as well as the one that flat areas of the land consolidation were partly cultivated.

Community councillor engelbert uhl suggested that the town hall should also have the inscription "rathaus" (town hall) on the market street side. Furthermore, he asked to take care of certain "parked" cars on community property. Here mayor heinz dorsch wants to write to the owner. The vexed issue raised by uhl with horse apples on trails is to be settled by an appeal to horse owners. Uhl appealed that these should also remove the legacies of their horses by reason of.

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