Sensitized to the issue of pollution

Sensitized to the issue of pollution

More than 70 children, adolescents and adults took part in the "abenteuerland" (adventure land) community camp of the evangelic church community gleisenau. The presentations and speeches focused on the "creation entrusted to us". The adventure land in neighboring upper franconia also offered many opportunities for outdoor activities for young and old.
Among the participants leon was the youngest with six months and ida hanakam with 86 years the oldest participant. She is actually always active in church outings and activities. "I enjoyed it very much this time, too, and above all I am grateful that I can still take part in such events at this age, which is not possible for many people. But I experienced a great community here again, even though there were many young people, plus 22 children. But it was a good mixture and everybody had a lot of fun." She also emphasized that the modern day center of the evangelical deanery of kulmbach in mainleus offered the best conditions for such a rough community seminar. The rooms were functional and modern, and there were many opportunities for the children to play and run around in the grounds.
Pastor volkmar gregori had prepared the weekend with a zwolfkopf team at seven meetings. The first evening was all about getting to know each other. In addition, silka dorr, ebelsbach, had thought up activities through which people could become acquainted with each other.
On saturday morning there was the lecture "the bible – a book with seven seals?" By markus koch, steinbach, in the foreground. In the discussion groups that were offered, it was suggested to discuss the origin and the meaning of the holy scripture for people today. Meanwhile, the children went on a "discovery tour in god’s footsteps" with florian berger, ebelsbach, margitta keller, gleisenau, sandra schwesinger, steinbach, and sarah zeidler, eltmann.
In the afternoon, margitta and uwe keller, gleisenau, led the group on a three-hour hike over hill and dale, through woods and meadows, past wells and onto rocks. They made the children and adults marvel, praise and thank god for his wonderful creation.
In the evening, not only the children but also their fathers enjoyed toasting bread over the campfire and singing folk songs with guitar accompaniment by gudrun zettelmeier, stettfeld. The "good night story, read aloud by christl kab, gleisenau, captivated adults and children alike.
On the last day, the service for all, led by pastor gregori, was the high point and conclusion of the adventure land. Children had collected gauze and used it, as well as polluted water and poisoned soil, to show how lovelessly people treat god’s creation.


Sophie eisenmann, ebelsbach, moderated the closing session. The participants took stock with the unanimous wish: "please do it again next year"!" The one or other drink was spilled at the farewell party.

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