Sports stars stop off in kulmbach

Sports stars stop off in kulmbach

In the past, district administrator klaus peter sollner certainly didn't miss the chance to cycle all the way to bamberg on the tour of hope, but during his time as district administrator he had put on a kilo every year – on average – he admitted openly on saturday. His destination for this stage is therefore mainleus or burgkunstadt. In view of the hot temperatures, the district administrator was already sweating before the start of the race. Like all the others. 185 sports stars and other celebrities cycled with us and tried to collect as many donations for children with cancer as possible.

But at the end of the tour press spokesman jurgen grunwald revealed: "yes, he has persevered. We had an incredibly nice day with great stops in michelau, lichtenfels, staffelstein. Many people came, and we can be happy about a good donation result." In bamberg the hope cyclists were welcomed by the young patients of the children's hospital. "That was incredibly emotional. But that's the point of the tour", so grunwald.

The monchshofgelande gave a warm welcome to all the stars from the world of top-class sports that you always wanted to see live.

Traveled all the way from new york

Figure skater norbert schramm disclosed that he had traveled all the way from new york for the event. "I live in new york and work there as a photographer", according to schramm. And he's been married to german-american filmmaker marianne hettinger for almost a year now, too. "For me the tour days are always the most beautiful days of the year. You're among friends, you meet a lot of people, and I'm also glad that so many people still recognize me, says norbert schramm. This is the seventh time he's been on the tour, and in the past two years he's even been on the pre-tour with us.

"I am participating for the fifth time. I think you can use your celebrity status to do something good", multiple biathlon olympia winner and world champion katrin apel sees the matter pragmatically. She reveals that she is a trained social worker and therefore has a soft spot for the tour. "But the tour comes just at the right time, because I still have to work off a bit of weight", she says, swinging on her orange thunderbird racing bike.

Last year, the charity event raised more than 1.5 million euros. In total, the "tour of hope" has, it has raised 26 million since it was launched in 1983. It is help that arrives one hundred percent of the time.

Donations to parents' associations

This year's donations will go to the parents' associations and support groups of the university hospitals in wurzburg and erlangen, to the children's clinic in bamberg, to the justus-liebig university research center in gieben, to the leukemia and cancer support group in marburg, and to the clinic for children's and youth medicine in koblenz. "Health is important, said henry schramm, mayor of the city of hamburg, who also contributed a check.
Stretching legend eberhard gienger and parachute world champion klaus renz not only joined the tour, they also planned a show in kulmbach. After the singer geraldine olivier performed at the monchshof with "champagne for the whole locale" after creating a great atmosphere, presenter and olympic biathlon champion petra behle announced matter-of-factly: "you're out now".

Already, the crowd of cyclists and onlookers rushed into the courtyard and spotted two tiny dots in the deep blue sky: stretching legend eberhard gienger and parachute world champion klaus renz floated with parachutes around the chimney of the monchshof and landed precisely. "This is now my 6500. Jump. I know how to land", laughed klaus renz and revealed that the show was actually a welcome change for him. Because that way he saves the one or other cyclist kilometer. "Towards the end of the tour, you notice that your legs are getting weak, says renz.

Head struck in the airplane

Eberhard gienger, who in the seventies and eighties won one title after another on high bar, parallel bars, and side horse, was a multiple european and world champion, and even placed third in the 1976 olympics, has been on the "tour der hoffnung" since 1985 he was part of the party. For him a matter of honor. "I have already jumped 4620 times", he explains when asked about his parachute passion. In kulmbach he had a rough patch on his head. "I missed a hinge on the plane early this morning," he told the court, he confesses. But the situation is not dramatic. "It's just a scratch, he says. He didn't think for a second about jumping off anyway.
Some of the people from kulmbach took the opportunity to have T-shirts, caps and other accessories signed. Because you don't get as close as you did during the tour of hope to the rough sports stars you usually only know from TV so quickly again.

Always closely surrounded was pole vaulter carolin hingst, who – because she had decided on short notice – wore a sign with her name on her back. "I remember a school class that did a charity run during the pre-tour and gave us 6,000 euros, which really impressed me, said hingst . "Every day is always unique", she swarmed.

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