Supporting the diaconia

With a donation made during the spring collection of the 25. February to 3. Marz, anyone can support diakonie bayern in building up helping structures in the field of voluntary services.

In the voluntary services, young people up to 27 years of age can work for six, twelve or 18 months in church social institutions, for example in children’s and youth work or in institutions for people with disabilities. This gives you an insight into the different areas of social work. Voluntary service can contribute to career orientation. The young people can broaden their horizons, get to know new fields of work and new people.

Here you can work

In the diaconia association of kulmbach, a voluntary social year (FSJ) can be completed in the diaconia work or the brother and sister gum foundation in facilities for children or people with disabilities. Giving time to other people and taking time for oneself helps with the question of where one’s own life path should lead. It helps to get to know one’s own strengths and interests better. It can also mean taking advantage of a certain period of time before, for example, starting an apprenticeship or a course of study.

So it is more than worth considering an FSJ at the diakonie kulmbach. For the work they do, fsjs receive pocket money, meals, social security benefits, pedagogical support from specialists and vacation entitlement in line with collective bargaining agreements.

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