Template: important points unresolved ahead of bund-lander round

template: important points unresolved ahead of bund-lander round

In the country discussions on measures to counter the dramatic development of the corona, there is still no agreement on important points shortly before the meeting with chancellor angela merkel (CDU), who is scheduled for this afternoon.

It is still unclear, for example, at what hospitalization rate there should be access restrictions for the unvaccinated or compulsory testing for the vaccinated and recovered (2G plus). This is the result of a draft resolution made available to the deutsche presse-agentur on thursday, which was sent to the other states by north rhine-westphalia during the night following consultations between the heads of state on wednesday evening. North rhine-westphalia currently holds the presidency of the conference of minister presidents.

The head of the chancellor’s office, helge braun (CDU), also took part in the discussions on wednesday evening. As a matter of principle, the draft resolution now on the table is merely a basis for discussion. As in the previous rounds of the minister-presidents’ conference with merkel, final agreement will not be reached until the very end. On thursday, it was not clear how long the discussions, which began in the early afternoon, would last.

As usual, the controversial points in the draft are placed in brackets. The paper was to be discussed separately by the SPD-led (A-side) and the CDU/CSU-led (B-side) state groups on thursday morning. Baden-wurttemberg, whose prime minister winfried kretschmann belongs to the greens, is also one of the B states. Against 10.30 a.M. The minister presidents were to continue their deliberations in a rough round of talks. The joint meeting with merkel was to take place at 13.00 a.M. To begin as a video conference.

It was also unclear how to proceed with the extension of the epidemic situation of national scope demanded by the union side. In the bundestag, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group tabled a motion to extend the agreement, but it was given little chance of success. The SPD, green and FDP parties are against it.

Also in the paper for the consultations of the minister-presidents with merkel this point is marked with brackets. Point 19 of the paper, which has not been unified, states that the application of important measures listed in the infection protection act requires the determination of the existence of an epidemic situation of national significance. This was allowed to be the attitude of the union-led countries.

The "epidemic situation of national scope" identified so far by the bundestag runs to 25. November from. SPD, grune and FDP instead want to create a legal basis for on-site requirements by amending the infection protection act. The bundestag was scheduled to hold a final debate on the issue this morning. On friday, the federal council must also decide on this. For this reason the bund-lander consultations with merkel are of great importance.

According to the draft resolution, all previously unvaccinated are called to get vaccinated. The federal government should pledge to provide vaccination centers and other organized vaccination facilities until 30. April to further support. In old people’s homes and nursing homes, employees and visitors are supposed to have to show a negative test every day, and a self-test is also supposed to be possible. In addition, the draft considers 3G rules at the workplace and on buses and trains to be necessary. Burgert tests should remain free of charge, the federal government should pay for them. For companies, the overprinting aid III plus should be extended beyond the turn of the year to 31. March 2022 will be extended.

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