“The characters have changed”

Before the 18. Before the 18th matchday in the coburg district league, the gap between the four aspirants for promotion and the rest of the league continues to widen. But also the SV ketschendorf is already lagging behind a bit. On sunday, the top 4 are heavy favorites and will probably finally settle the title race among themselves, while the league fifth, currently the coburg locals, permanently to the first relegation place (13. Rank) will aim.
SV heilgersdorf is also a team that is placed in the broad midfield. Injured goalkeeper tobias schramm said after the win in wildenheid: "we’re looking ahead now." But presumably this statement was made in the "third half" rather jokingly meant. SVH coach detlef meibner, on the other hand, talks in all seriousness in the tageblatt about his ambitions.

Mr. Meibner, after 17 games, SV heilgersdorf is in 6th place with 24 points. In view of the preseason certainly very satisfactory, or?
Detlef meibner: in any case, it’s an improvement, because before christmas last year, with ten points from 18 games, we were already standing with one foot in the district league. But this year, too, it can quickly go backwards again, so the ranking is secondary at the moment.

The injured SVH-goalgetter tobias schramm declared confidently after the victory in wildenheid that his team is now looking ahead in the standings. Share this opinion?
It’s a great league, in which the fifth-placed team in the table is not far away from the relegation zone. In this respect, looking ahead is a bit exaggerated, but of course we are striving to achieve the best possible position at the end of the season. Unfortunately, we do not know what will happen to tobias schramm himself. He is currently being treated for his cartilage damage and I hope that he will return to action after the winter. "Chocolate" is by no means replaceable, and he was in the preseason with his goals in the relegation of the guarantor for the class preservation.

In your opinion, what was the best game of the season so far and what was the worst??
Just 14 days ago at home against ahorn at 1:1 it was fubballerisch a disaster. To our best games i pay the 1:2 defeat on the side field against ebersdorf. Here we had the leader at times on the verge of a defeat. Only the cleverness was missing. Also the victory on the kunstrasen auswarts against ketschendorf is still worth mentioning.

Before the winter break we have to play staffelstein and bad rodach: are the 30 points a wish or a duty??
We have something to make up for at home and also want to take revenge for the two defeats in the first leg. In neustadt, we showed a much better performance than before. If we get going on this, something is already possible. Our goal is to collect as many points as possible before the winter break and we do not want to lose in any case to keep the distance to these opponents.

Heilgersdorf is known for camaraderie and team spirit. Is that your main advantage?
Even 17 or 18 years ago, when I was first a coach at SVH, the two factors mentioned above were decisive for the two promotions. The times and the guys have changed, but the mentality in heilgersdorf is still intact. Last season’s success was a symbol of will and determination.

You’ve been in the business for more than 20 years. What has changed fundamentally in your eyes??
The characters and the mentality have already changed a lot. In the past, 95 percent and more were at training, nowadays, however, some strange excuses come up. But this problem is probably with all clubs.

The questions asked
bastian bieberbach.

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