The railroad friends look forward and backward

The railroad friends look forward and backward

A look back at an eventful year dominated the annual general meeting of the rodachtalbahn railroad enthusiasts. Ten years of the museum railroad as well as numerous work assignments on the vehicles, the railroad line and at durrenwaid station have resulted in a large number of volunteer hours being worked.
Work is in full swing on the extension of the track facilities at durrenwaid train station. In the medium term, the construction of a hall for the rolling stock is planned. The klv 53 heavy-duty light rail vehicle required for track maintenance received its main inspection last year and can therefore be used for another eight years.

So far exempt from fees

Up to now, due to the insular location of the museum railroad, the association has been exempt from charging track fees for the use of the route by other transport companies within the framework of non-discriminatory access. Due to a change in the law, fees for the use of tracks and platforms had to be calculated on the basis of the maintenance costs of the facilities and submitted to the federal network agency for approval. Since the railroad friends are the only users of the infrastructure, the association therefore charges itself for the costs incurred. It is hoped, however, that the applications for exemption will be approved. Ultimately, however, the EU commission will decide on the procedure for the eleven-kilometer-long museum railroad, says chairman ralf ellinger.
The number of members has not changed compared to last year. However, it is pleasing to note that several young people have joined the club. Another good news: erich lehnhardt has been a member of the association for 25 years and, in addition to his job as a shunting locomotive driver for the deutsche bahn, he also works for the museum railroad as a locomotive driver and rail bus supervisor. Chairman ralf ellinger thanked for his honorary engagement.

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