The schoolyard of the secondary school got a green note

The schoolyard of the secondary school got a green note

The district has invested well over seven million euros in the renovation of the wallburg secondary school. Last year we were able to complete the construction inspection. A good school building also needs an attractive playground. It was often used as a storage area and parking lot for construction equipment and materials during the construction phase. After the easter vacations, the playground was intensively redesigned. The site is now a sight to behold.

The horticultural district advisor guntram ulsamer brought together the wishes of schoolchildren and teachers and drew up a plan. He was executed piece by piece.

A pavilion, pallets for sitting, greenery, a tree planting and a school pond were the first elements of the new playground. The next step was to create a rest area with a pavilion, other seating made of wood and other materials, as well as flat areas for games such as basketball or soccer. There is a natural corner with a fountain stone that leads the water to a gutter. And the planted shrubs are now in full bloom. Around most of the trees there are wooden seating areas and in the flowerbeds the flowers are blooming. Raised beds were planted with herbs. The path to the school pond has been paved and a crude insect hotel is to be erected nearby. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, the investment costs were kept within reasonable limits; the budget of 35,000 euros was largely adhered to.

Principal manuela kufner thanked all participants and helpers. The playground is a real eye-catcher in their opinion. Especially the embedding in the landscape and the many green elements made it a place where one likes to stay, she said.

Kufner liked in the next school year an optional subject "school garden" offer. "But for this I needed a passionate gardener or someone from a gardening club who meets once a week or fortnight with the schoolchildren to garden."

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