To the paradise of amphibians

To the paradise of amphibians

This year’s autumn excursion of the volkach branch of the nature conservation association went to the half-mile lake near the barracks in the east of the town of volkach. For the chairman willi freibott the lake, which is protected as a natural monument, is a gem for the amphibian world, as he is quoted in a press release.

"The earth red, the garlic red, the grass frog and the pond newt all feel at home here," the nature conservationist explained to the participants. The lake not only benefited from the water of the much smaller rothenbachsee lake to the north, the amphibian tunnel system with 21 pipes ensured the exchange of amphibians between the two waters and improved reproduction conditions. The heavily used road to eichfeld has no longer cost any losses on this section since the completion of the structure. This habitat with a wide reed belt and herbaceous area, emphasized honorary chairman hans schneider, is also of special importance for the many waterfowl, such as puffins, wild ducks, great crested grebes and mute swans for the rearing of their young and as protection and resting zones. But also the birdlife, such as herons and reed warblers, took advantage of the natural oasis.

The participants agreed that such retreat areas are becoming increasingly important for the preservation of native nature in view of the increasing consumption of land for construction and roads and the coarse intensive cultivation of the landscape, the message concluded.

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