Virtual fight against speed cameras

Virtual fight against speed cameras

Yesterday morning, a user reported on the facebook page "speed camera kitzingen": "speed camera at the exit of kaltensondheim in the direction of erlach in the 50 zone." He is one of around 1,800 friends of the site at present – and the trend is upward. Apparently everyone is fed up with getting traffic tickets. The principle of how to avoid it is very simple: as soon as a facebook user sees a speed camera or a police officer with a laser gun, he or she can leave a message on facebook within a few seconds using an internet-enabled cell phone. All friends of "blitzer kitzingen" are then automatically notified – and do not fall into the radar trap, at least at the location concerned.
Harald hoffmann, head of the police inspection (PI) kitzingen, does not find such offers objectionable. "If it's spread with the message that driving slowly is important, i'm fine with it." Perhaps , says hoffmann, this will also appeal to drivers who are not driving on stretches of road where the police are currently taking measurements. He hopes that this will automatically make people drive slower.

Police write 1 100 reports

This hope was not fully realized last year, however. Speeding was still the cause of around 260 accidents in the district. This means a slight decrease compared to the previous year:
"last year we measured a total of 290 hours of speed with our hand-held measuring devices. In 2010 it was 170 hours", says hoffmann. In 2011 the police inspection kitzingen wrote a total of 450 reports. That means the 450 drivers were speeding at least 21 kilometers per hour either in or out of town. "We set our laser measuring device in such a way that it is mainly the speeders who are caught in our net", explains hoffmann.
The kitzingen police department mainly measures the. Precisely there "where accidents often occur and where there is a high volume of complaints", says hoffmann. "We want to catch speeders", he emphasizes again. "We're not in it for the money, that goes into the state budget." The police are at real trouble spots such as schools or kindergartens, says helmut habermann, deputy head of the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police, which supports the kitzingen police force in monitoring traffic. "And of course at blind spots in towns and cities where accidents often occur." "The kitzingen police station is responsible for evaluating the driving points", habermann explains the cooperation. Last year, the traffic police measured around 450 hours of traffic in the entire district at the following locations. In this period she has written 651 reports.
But not all of the fines imposed end up directly in the state's coffers: "it's a different story when municipalities have opted for municipal traffic monitoring", says hoffmann. This applies to about half of all administrative communities in the district of kitzingen.
But no matter whether it is the police or the municipal traffic control that does the speeding, it could soon be "blitzer kitzingen" heiben: "blitzer in the gartenstrabe." Residents have complained about speeding there.
The organizers behind "blitzer kitzingen stand, wanted with the "kitzinger" do not talk about their facebook page. Police officer habermann can live with their offer just as well as his colleague hoffmann: "we don't care why people keep to the speed limit. It is important to us that they drive slowly."

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