Where u.s. Sports stand in corona crisis

Where u.s. sports stand in corona crisis

When the NBA was founded on 11. Marz as the first major league in the u.S. Interrupted its season because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was talk behind closed doors of a break of about 30 days.

On 6. April NBA head adam silver said: "at least for the month of april we will not be able to make a decision. And that doesn’t mean that on 1. May are."

Not even the scheduled start of the NFL season in september is certain – even though US president donald trump said of a return to live sports in his country: "I can’t give you a date, but I think it will be sooner rather than later."An overview of professional sports in the united states of america.


Since 11. March the season is interrupted in the best basketball league in the world. Playoffs should begin in just under two weeks. How, when and even if the season can continue is an open question. NBA chief adam silver says chance for decision in may at earliest. "But honestly, there’s just too little information right now to make any prediction about where we’ll be in a couple of weeks," he said monday (local time). NBA would like to be the first league to continue.


So far, the crisis has hit american football comparatively gently. After all, the super bowl wasn’t played until february and the new season starts in september – in theory. Because the NFL has already had to react to the pandemic and is affected despite the game-free period. Business sites and training grounds are closed indefinitely, teams are not allowed to use them. Even the upcoming draft, in which from 23. To 25. April the teams want to strengthen from the pool of young players will be a premiere. For the first time, clubs will have to manage everything from their home offices and will only be allowed to communicate internally via phone or internet.

Since the start of training for the clubs with new coaches (who are allowed to start earlier than other teams) has already had to be postponed and it is unclear when the teams will actually be able to take to the court together, a start to the season in september also seems anything but certain.


In theory, the NHL main round would have been over last weekend. Leon draisaitl of the edmonton oilers was pretty much guaranteed to be celebrated as the league’s top scorer, something no german professional ice hockey player before him has ever accomplished. But this league also pauses. As things stand, the self-isolation imposed by the NHL ends on 15. April. But this is probably just a date without any rough meaning.

"I think that even the people who are making the decision don’t really have an idea right now when and how it’s going to go on. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks or months and then see what decision is made," draisaitl said in an interview with sport1.


David beckam, co-owner of FC inter miami, has played in two MLS games so far – the new club has never played in its home stadium because of the corona break. At the earliest on 25. April, the teams are allowed to practice again, until then the grounds are closed and may only be used by players who need medical attention or are in rehab.


A spring without baseball was completely unthinkable for americans. Since corona they have to get used to it. The start of the season is postponed indefinitely. Goal is to play "as many games as possible" in 2020, league boss rob manfred recently said. Discussions are apparently underway to play all games in arizona.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tennis tour worldwide will be paused at least until mid-july. The US open is still unchanged from 31. August until 13. September in the calendar. But a guarantee is not in these times. New york is an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the u.S. The billie jean king national tennis center facility in flushing meadows is currently being repurposed and used to provide additional hospital beds and prepare food packages.


The traditional masters of golf professionals in augusta is now to be held from 12 to 20 april. Until 15. November will be played. The US open in new york has been postponed from mid-june to 17. Until 20. September postponed. The PGA championship in san francisco – the fourth of the so-called major tournaments – is now scheduled to take place from 6 to 25 march. To 9. August will take place.

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