Why singing in fechheim is fun

Why singing in fechheim is fun

The powerful-voiced tenors of the "liederkranzes fechheim met at the hofmann inn to celebrate an evening of song with their families and friends instead of a normal evening of honors. "Singing should always be fun", choir director ralf fischer points out the direction "perhaps a guarantee of our success". And so they buried their guests, among them honorary choir director willi rosenbauer, with the newly rehearsed song "this is a great day, which we celebrate together".
But the father of this success is also the long-serving members, whose voices give the choir its volume. "We're honoring full-blooded rangers today", who has fronted the choral singing for years, thanked chairman gerhard baudler in a stylish setting.
Hans-dieter bauer is one of them. He's been singing with the liederkranz for 40 years.
The honorary member sings in the 2. Tenor and has been active in the entertainment committee since 1989 until today. "Since moving into the community center, he has held the job of our club host for 25 years now", baudler praised his singing brother hans-dieter bauer.

Rough commitment

Honorary member gerhard heymann joined the liederkranz in 1993 and has been a sanger for 25 years in 1. Tenor and has been involved as a music director for many years. The singers' commitment to their work is also reflected in their participation in choir rehearsals. They are very well attended, said fischer.
A total of 24 active members are in the ranks of the liederkranz, and there are also members in demand.
"Music alone is the language of the world, it makes bridges and makes us forget our everyday worries", the chairman of the muppberg singing circle, gunter georg, emphasized before awarding the long-serving members. 

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